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Joywind and Robert met each other 30 years ago.  Rob had been invited to share and demonstrate his Black Ash Baskets in the Laurentian town of Val-David.  It’s a very cute story we can share another time….but the result was Rob never left town and they were married a year later.
Both Joywind and Rob were brought up as crafters and this artistic entrepreneurial spirit led them eventually to the Powwow Trail in the year 2000 and they started Tribal Spirit.  Tribal has since grown into one of the largest Indigenous online creators of Drums and Leather on Turtle Island. Joywind is Status, Secwepemc from Simpcw First Nation in British Columbia.  Rob is non-status of Scottish, Irish & Mohawk Descent.

Mission and value

Powwow drums, hand drums, Leather

Tribal Spirit is committed to the creation of spiritual tools.  Our understanding is that our lives are spiritual and that everything we work with is a spiritual practice.  Our art, craft, leather, and even our communication with customers is a spiritual process.  We are determined to offer you, our customers, a positive, rewarding and inspiring relationship.