A Tribe Called Red

A Tribe Called Red

A Tribe Called Red is a group of three aboriginal DJ-producers from Canada, DJ Shub (Cayuga, Six Nations), Dj NDN (Ojibway, Nipissing First Nation) and Bear Witness (Cayuga, Six Nations). ATRC emerged from “Electric Pow Wow”, their monthly party which brings the tradition of Pow Wow into the club, showcases Aboriginal talents and offers a comfortable space for urban Aboriginals. Their music mixes electronic dance music, hip-hop, dancehall and traditional Native American singing and drumming. The video and visual aspects of their show aim to challenge stereotypes while still having a good time. “After what happened in the last hundred years, the simple fact that we are here today is a political statement. As First Nations peoples everything we do is political “


Story of Tribal Spirit Music Drum Groups

Aboriginal Nations were called together by the sound of the drum. Powwows were gatherings of people to trade, share and celebrate. The songs are sung by a group of people, singing and playing in unison on a large drum. The modern powwow culture is vibrant and alive in the Aboriginal community. The original songs that A Tribe Called Red have transformed are written and sung by Drum Groups in eastern Canada who are drumming every weekend, throughout the spring, summer and fall. ATCR teamed up with Tribal Spirit Music, a cooperative Aboriginal music label and renowned Drum Makers who recuperate Moose Hides and build Powwow Drums for Drum Groups.

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Nation II Nation

The amazing groups involved in this project are:

  • Black Bear: A powerful group who sing in their first language, Atikamecw from Manawan First Nation, Quebec.
  • Smoketrail: an Ojibway family/friend group from the Alderville First Nation in Ontario
  • Sitting Bear: a traditional Ojibway group from Manitoulin Island, Ontario.
  • Northern Voice: a young Atikamekw group from Wemotachi First Nations, recognized for their wicked vocals.
  • Sheldon Sundon and Frazer Phillips/Sundown are Seneca and sing Smokedance, Social, and Rounddance songs
  • Chippewa Travelers are an Aniishinaabeg family group grown up in the Powwow (Helushka) Society.
  • Eastern Eagle is a Mi’kmaq Drum Group from Nova Scotia celebrating their 20th year of singing together.

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