Bear Grease and Creams

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  • Bear Grease

    15$ Canadian80$ Canadian

    ** Sorry we can not ship this to the USA.  Please do not purchase or we will have to refund.**

    Bear Grease is a traditional native american medicine. Black Bears have an unusual amount of fat on their bodies because they spend summers building up energy for hibernation. Over the winter Bears survive on this energy through their fat build up. Our Bear Grease is 100% pure Bear Grease.  It contains no preservatives or any other additives and must be stored in a fridge or freezer. 


  • Bear Grease – Creams

    32$ Canadian

    Our 3 different creams/salves that we currently offer include:

    • Goldenseal/Infection Cream
    • Face Cream
    • Joints and Muscles Cream
    • Skin Cream

    Store in the fridge long term. Jars are 20 ml (0.7 fl-oz).


  • Bear Grease Nuggets for Dogs

    10$ Canadian

    Joywind recently boiled up a batch of fresh Bear Grease.  After boiling we are left with a bunch of bear fat nuggets….which we have for years fed a bit to our dogs.  This batch she suggested that we share cuz we really had more nuggets than our dogs could eat.  So we bagged them into medium sized ziplocks and here they are.  We add a few nuggets to our dogs meals. Not every day…but they sure love the treat.  Keep the nuggets in the freezer and take out as needed.  They thaw out very quickly.  Rob eats nuggets as they come fresh out of the pot but we don’t recommend these for human consumption.

    Sorry we can’t ship to the States.

  • Tribal eGift Cards

    50$ Canadian500$ Canadian

    Introducing Tribal Spirit eGift Cards.  Cuz you asked for it and we listen!!   Offer your loved ones the Tribal choice.  SO the way this works…is that you select the amount you wish to offer and in the ORDER NOTES please include your loved one’s name and address.  We will mail them one of our Holiday Cards with a note from you with the amount of the egift card.  Once your loved one receives the card they can email us or phone us and we will honour your gift.  And we will take very good care of them!!  SO please don’t forget to include their name and address.