Tribal Spirit Furs

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  • Beaver Furs

    86$ US118$ US

    Beaver furs:

    Medium (26″ – 29″) and Large (32″ – 34″) sizes available.

    Perfect for mitts or moccasins.


  • Canadian Furs

    12$ US393$ US

    Canadian Furs:  By popular demand we have decided to create a crafting category for furs.  Designed to be worked with as moccasin trim, or clothing trim or artistic accents.  We have developed a good relationship with a furrier over the past few years supplying our rabbit and beaver and we have asked him to keep on the look out for good furs that are ‘craft’ quality.  We understand that many of these will be cut up, so they might have the odd hole but generally very useable and at a crafting price.  BUT please read the descriptions carefully cuz when we get a deal on something PERFECT, we will tell you.

    PLEASE NOTE: We can not ship these furs to the States!! 

  • Coyote Furs

    71$ US

    Canadian Coyote Furs.  These hides are not perfect but they are really beautiful very soft tanned.  There are some holes and some missing tails. (in the # 2s some are cut in the middle) but for crafting (moccasin trim etc) these are just perfect at an amazing price.

    PLEASE NOTE: We can not ship these furs to the States!! 

  • Rabbit Furs

    13$ US

    Available in 3 colours: Grey, White and Hare Brown.

    Perfect for trimming on mitts or moccasins.