Bison Leather

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  • Cream Bison Leather Halves 3 1/2 oz & 5 1/2 Ounce

    135$ Canadian180$ Canadian

    Brand New to the Tribal line of leathers.  A very natural old look cream coloured bison.  These are farmed animals, very nice hides.  Very soft and supple and easily sewn by hand.  Will make amazing moccasins, mukluks, bags, vests and jackets.  Halve bison pieces and are quite huge running from 18 sq ft to 22 sq ft.  We have committed to purchasing a bunch of Bison over the next few months.  We what to add a full line of Bison colours to our Tribal mix… for more to come.  We have #1 quality and seconds.  (Seconds are defined by smooth side/grain side dyings is a bit blotchy but suede side is perfect)