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  • Handmade Porcelain Mugs

    25$ US
    Those of you who know Tribal Spirit from the Powwow Trail will recognize these beautiful Totem Animal Mugs which are made by a long time friend from British Columbia.  They are Native made, handmade, microwavable and dishwasher safe.  We are stocking up for #virtualpowwowbooth so we have lots in stock and more coming soon.
    The glaze (colour) on the mugs varies, please make a note of your preference during checkout.   (Size: 425ml – Almost 2 cups volume)
  • Porcelain Smudge Bowls

    24$ US39$ US
    We designed these hand made Porcelain Smudge Bowls with our potter friend to create a better Abalone shell.  In the native community we love to use Abalone shells for smudging because their natural holes help feed the coals and the bowl is deep enough that it holds the smudge well while burning.  Our porcelain smudge bowls are designed to look JUST like abalone.  They have a rough back, holes to air the coals, smooth polished inner ‘shell’ which will not burn, peel or stain and can be washed, even in the dishwasher.  The really unique and practical thing about our ‘shells’ is that they won’t heat up while smudging.  Abalone shells can become quite awkward to hold after 15 minutes of smudging people as the shell becomes too hot to hold.  Not ours.  A completely unique gift for yourself, an elder or the smudger in the family!!