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    98$ US

    New and Improved!!

    In the Native tradition our feathers help ground us and bring us clarity.  We wanted to make a feather case/box that would carry that respect we have for our feathers.  We introduced our Feather boxes last fall….but found that we could make some improvements. So introducing our second edition.
    (please note: Feather NOT included)

    Our box is made of Butternut wood, which is 18” long,  and 1 1/4” deep.  We routered out the interior of each side leaving a 3/4” cavity inside to properly hold a feather.  We created an “old school” leather hinge with 5 1/2 ounce moose hide fastened with glue and 10 solid copper tacks.  Our boxes fasten with two moose leather ties that come up from the bottom and wrap around a moose antler button on the lid of the box.  Inside each box we have attached red felt to hold our feathers carefully in place.  Each box is carefully finished with 2 coats of bear grease, which makes a wonderful traditional wood oil treatment.