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    Holiday Cards

    13$ US21$ US

    We, here at Tribal Spirit unabashedly like the holiday season.  We live in a winter wonderland, love the lights, love the music.  We’re trying to start a resurgence of card sending, or at least inspire you to get a few cards to make your favourite NDNs giggle when they open it.

    Available in 6 or 12 packs (with envelopes included) – 5″ x 7″ premium matte finish – Blank interior.

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    15″-17″ Leather Drum Bag

    152$ US 137$ US

    These Moose/Buffalo drum bags fit best for our various drums sized between 15″ up to 17″.  Also perfect for our 14″ Double Sided hand drum!   Check out our “buy a drum and add a bag to save $25 off the set” on our hand drum page.

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    White Elk/ Wapiti Leather

    77$ US110$ US

    White Elk/Wapiti Leather. Back in June we scored a load of farmed elk hides. We always have a huge demand for white leather for regalia, dresses etc so we were excited to make this batch of really big hides with virtually no holes into white. Well things don’t always work as planned. The July heat wave interfered in the tanning process and the final result is a little less clean than we had planned. BUT still very nice leather. The hides are virtually white and hole free. (if any holes they are off to the side) 3 1/2 ounce in weight will make this perfect for Boots, Moccasins, bags etc. For white lacing this leather will be perfect. Or for white regalia with some allowance for a bit of a rustic look, this will be perfect. But if you wanted perfect 100% white don’t get this I would call it 90%. Priced at $8 per sq ft. Pieces run from 14 sq ft up to 23 sq ft. (normally $10 per foot)

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    Teen & Adult Drums with Art Work – IN STOCK

    110$ US188$ US

    Every drum here is in stock ready to ship.  As we move closer to the holidays we know that everyone is in a rush and want to get what they need NOW. lol.  So we are selecting some of our most popular custom image drums and making sure we have them in stock ready to ship the very next day.

  • 28″ Raised Edge Powwow Drum

    684$ US

    Tribal Spirit exclusive.  Solid Cedar raised edge 28″ x 18″ Drum.  Includes Block Style Stand, available natural hide or dyed and any custom design of frame.

  • 30″ Raised Edge Powwow Drum

    760$ US

    Tribal Spirit exclusive.  Solid Cedar raised edge 30″ x 18″ Drum.  Includes Block Style Stand, available natural hide or dyed and any custom design of frame.