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COVID-19 Update – December

Our small family-run business is still up and running and working from home as we usually do.  We are extremely well stocked and shipping daily all over Turtle Island!

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  • Bear Leather Satchel

    98$ US

    Black Bear Leather Satchel:  We live in Quebec, where there is a legal bear hunt for food in the spring and fall.  Generally the hides are discarded but we have developed a system to recuperate them and process into rawhide for drums.  BUT last season our tannery accidentally processed them into gold leather….AMAZING accident.  Bear leather is extremely unique, the pores are very visible and create patterns in the skin.  Our satchels are 5″ at the top and 9″ long.  Strap is black moose leather and the flap is fastened with a lacing on a deer antler button.

  • Bear Hide Rattles

    59$ US
    Tribal Spirit Bear Hide Rattles are made with a maple handle and a Bear rawhide rattle head.  The heads are double sewn, so nothing will fall out!  This is the first time making this style of rattle and we are very excited with the results.   Available in natural hide only.
  • Powwow Drums In Stock

    275$ US550$ US
    Each year about 2 weeks before Christmas we get calls asking for small family sized drums and we are always left scrambling to keep everyone happy.  This year we are planning ahead and making an amazing collection of small family sized drums with happiness and inspiration in mind.

    These drum are all in stock AND we still have lots of time to make any custom design you want.  So feel free to go over to our other drums, purchase and let us know your preferred design.

  • Bear Leather Medicine Pouches

    35$ US
    Our Bear Leather Medicine Pouches are all one of a kind measuring 2” x 3” approx with bear fur and a bear claw closure. They are filled with the traditional medicines of the four directions; Sage, Sweetgrass, Cedar and Tobacco.  They can be worn around the neck or ties to a belt loop.
    Every once in a while in the tanning game, accidents happen…We sent 30 odd bear hides off to the tannery intended for rawhide for drums…but we received back from the tannery gold/tan Bear Leather!!!  Amazing accident!!
    WE ARE NOT ABLE TO SHIP OUTSIDE OF CANADA!!  Please do not purchase if you live outside of Canada or we will have to refund.  Sorry…
  • Art Work Hand Drums – In Stock

    82$ US216$ US

    We really have fun working with combinations of dye.  All of these drums involve a double dye job and then when the drum is dry we intuit what image would most suit the particular dye patten.  All of these drums are in stock ready to ship and we will continue to update new drums between now and the holidays.  BUT if you like one of these please do not think too long….this fall we are a little overwhelmed and won’t be able to take any custom requests…ya got to pick from what we are making….

  • Holiday Cards

    14$ US24$ US

    We, here at Tribal Spirit unabashedly like the holiday season.  We live in a winter wonderland, love the lights, love the music.  We’re trying to start a resurgence of card sending, or at least inspire you to get a few cards to make your favourite NDNs giggle when they open it.

    Available in 6 or 12 packs (with envelopes included) – 5″ x 7″ premium matte finish – Blank interior.

  • Sale!

    Buffalo Hand Drums

    141$ US452$ US

    Buffalo Hand Drums on Sale 20% off!!   One of the most important tools in the Native tradition is the Buffalo Rawhide Hand Drum.  We have been working for quite some time to establish a secure supply of Buffalo hide.  For Tribal Spirit, moose and deer hides are easy to gather….as there are lots of them living locally.  But wild Buffalo are a rare thing these days.  These hides come from farmed raised Buffalo.  The grain on a buffalo is completely unique….there are shadows in the hide that would make you think of alligator.

  • Feather Boxes

    98$ US

    New and Improved!!

    In the Native tradition our feathers help ground us and bring us clarity.  We wanted to make a feather case/box that would carry that respect we have for our feathers.  We introduced our Feather boxes last fall….but found that we could make some improvements. So introducing our second edition.
    (please note: Feather NOT included)

    Our box is made of Butternut wood, which is 18” long,  and 1 1/4” deep.  We routered out the interior of each side leaving a 3/4” cavity inside to properly hold a feather.  We created an “old school” leather hinge with 5 1/2 ounce moose hide fastened with glue and 10 solid copper tacks.  Our boxes fasten with two moose leather ties that come up from the bottom and wrap around a moose antler button on the lid of the box.  Inside each box we have attached red felt to hold our feathers carefully in place.  Each box is carefully finished with 2 coats of bear grease, which makes a wonderful traditional wood oil treatment.

  • Hand Drum Sticks-Fancy

    27$ US

    In the world of Professional Hand Drumming, everyone knows that the difference between first and second place is the bling on your drum stick. Lol.  But truthfully drum stick creativity has come a long way in the past few years.  And why not have a fancy stick that screams out the pride you have for our culture and our songs.

    Our drums sticks are 16” long, made with a fibreglass rod.  Both the head and handle are firm and extremely well attached.  There will be no one losing their heads while playing with our sticks.  Our colour scheme is always changing, so while checking out please suggest 3 colour scheme preferences and we will do our best.

  • Children’s Hand Drums

    39$ US67$ US
    Dyed (choose your colour) or Natural our 8” and 11” kids drums are made with wild deer hide and come with a drum stick.
  • Smudge Kit with Moose Leather Bag

    75$ US
    Our new Moose Leather Medicine Smudge Bags
    One of our most popular ceremonial items is our smudge kit and one of our most popular bags is our small 8″ moose saddle bag…so why not combine the two and offer a deal?  Absolutely perfect for travel, rugged, attractive and you will always be ready when a good smudge is needed.  The kit includes a farmed abalone shell (we have a beautiful selection of the nicest shells we have seen in years), a jute bag of Californian White Sage, a small feather fan that attaches to the outside of the bag and one of our hand made moose leather saddle bags.  Available in fringed style or moose antler button.
    Attention USA customers: we are not permitted to ship feathers into the United States.  Our thought is to add more white sage and a piece of leather to your Medicine Bag to compensate for the missing fan.  AND perhaps this is an opportunity to make your own fan. We use a small branch, drill holes and glue feathers into the branch.  Then you can wrap the wood with leather we have included.
  • Tribal Spirit Necklaces

    27$ US94$ US

    Tribal Spirit – Necklaces

    Tribal Spirit Bear Jewelry: This year we are celebrating our 20th year on the Powwow Trail. Tribal Spirit started out long ago with only a few products. Dreamcatchers, Powwow Drums, Hand Drums AND Joywind’s unique bear jewelry. We live north of Montreal in the Laurentian Mountains where there is a bear hunt twice a year. The meat is always eaten and sport hunters are not welcome. We have spent many years developing the contacts to gather claws and the teeth. Joywind’s are 100% real claws and teeth made with glass, bone and semi precious beads.


  • Tribal Spirit Earrings

    24$ US43$ US

    This year we are celebrating our 20th year on the Powwow Trail.  Tribal Spirit started out long ago with only a few products.  Dreamcatchers, Powwow Drums, Hand Drums AND Joywind’s unique bear jewelry.  We live north of Montreal in the Laurentian Mountains where there is a bear hunt twice a year.  The meat is always eaten and sport hunters are not welcome.  We have spent many years developing the contacts to gather claws and the teeth.  Joywind’s are 100% real glass beads, bone, wampum and semi precious stone.  Hardware is sterling silver.

  • Tribal Hoodies

    31$ US

    By popular demand…..Tribal Spirit Hoodies are back in stock!!  Available in Wild Red and Heather Grey.  We picked these hoods very carefully.  We like a nice warm, cozy shirt with some weight that will do the job of keeping you warm on a chilly day.   These shirts are 80% cotton/20% poly.

  • Handmade Porcelain Mugs

    25$ US
    Those of you who know Tribal Spirit from the Powwow Trail will recognize these beautiful Totem Animal Mugs which are made by a long time friend from British Columbia.  They are Native made, handmade, microwavable and dishwasher safe.  We are stocking up for #virtualpowwowbooth so we have lots in stock and more coming soon.
    The glaze (colour) on the mugs varies, please make a note of your preference during checkout.   (Size: 425ml – Almost 2 cups volume)
  • Porcelain Smudge Bowls

    24$ US39$ US
    We designed these hand made Porcelain Smudge Bowls with our potter friend to create a better Abalone shell.  In the native community we love to use Abalone shells for smudging because their natural holes help feed the coals and the bowl is deep enough that it holds the smudge well while burning.  Our porcelain smudge bowls are designed to look JUST like abalone.  They have a rough back, holes to air the coals, smooth polished inner ‘shell’ which will not burn, peel or stain and can be washed, even in the dishwasher.  The really unique and practical thing about our ‘shells’ is that they won’t heat up while smudging.  Abalone shells can become quite awkward to hold after 15 minutes of smudging people as the shell becomes too hot to hold.  Not ours.  A completely unique gift for yourself, an elder or the smudger in the family!!
  • ‘and now for something special’ Moose Bag Edition

    59$ US137$ US

    “And now for something special’ Fuchsia Moose Leather Hand Bag Edition:  Joywind and team have been loving the new colours and are going to roll out a new line of insane ‘one of a kind’ hand bags.  Totally unique, these moose leather bags will certainly stand out in a crowd.

  • ‘and now for something special’ Rattles/Shakers edition

    59$ US

    “and now for something special’ Rattle Edition is a collection of special rattles that while we were dying them just came out totally unique.  Here at Tribal Spirit our “Shaker Maker” is an absolute Shaker genius!!  Her stitching is unbelievably fine and precise.  Double stitched with and beautiful shaped these rattles are totally impressive.  This collection of rattles are all one of a kind unique designs that will never quite happen again. Enjoy!!

  • White Deer Medicine Pouches

    24$ US

    White Deer Leather Medicine Pouches with Sage, Sweetgrass, Cedar and Tobacco.Wearing a medicine bag which contains symbols of who you are is a good way to keep the sacred with you all the time, as well as reminding yourself of who you are. Our little deer leather pouches like these can be worn around your neck or belt loop and can become quite important to you as symbols of your deeper self. We have included medicines of the four directions and feel free to add items that speak to you.   A bag like this is not “magic”, it does not turn you into superman, but when you wear it you know that you are trying to live in a sacred manner!!

  • Gold Moose Leather 3.5oz (Full Hides)

    184$ US255$ US

    Gold – Full Moose Leather:  Despite covid craziness, our hide collection this year has been amazing.  We gather hides from people who are feeding their families but don’t need the hides…. (Perhaps everyone is filling their freezers for a long isolated winter).  Our tannery call us to notify us that these are the best moose hides they have seen in years!!!  He said, “how the heck did you get such nice clean hides, they are almost perfect!!”.  Yup we are excited….cuz creating perfect moose hide is REALLY tricky….Perfect for Moccs, Mitts, Vests, Jackets etc or a moose leather blanket.

  • Tribal Eye Pads

    24$ US25$ US

    Tribal Eye Pads:  For relaxation, twitching eyes and insomnia eye pads are a remarkably simple healing tool.  When you wake up in the middle of the night and the brain just won’t shut down place your eye pad over your eyes, take a deep breath and relax.  Filled with lavender (natural soothing herb) and flaxseed the mild weight on the eyes brings a level of calm that is so simple and yet very effective.   We made two styles Deer leather and Tribal cotton print (which can be removed to be washed)

  • Bear Hide Rattles/Shakers (Lollipop)

    67$ US
    Tribal Spirit Black Bear Shakers are made with steamed White Ash wood body/shell covered with Bear Rawhide, maple handle with bear fur. These shakers have very strong tones with lots of variety.  For a strong sound, shaking the beads across the rattle striking the ash inside the tone is quite loud and dramatic.  Shaking the other direction hide to hide it is much softer and subtle, while holding the shaker flat and rolling the beads around the surface of the rattle creates a wave/ocean effect.  These shakers will be just amazing in the sweatlodge.
  • Dreamcatchers

    55$ US86$ US

    Introducing our custom one-of-a-kind Dreamcatchers.  Everyone on the Powwow Trail knows that Joywind makes the most beautiful Dreamcatchers.  Up until now we have only offered them on the “trail”, but by popular demand, we decided to offer her one of a kind pieces online.  So each one is unique, and when sold will be removed from the site replaced by a new unique design.

    Feathers are a combination of Canadian, Snow Goose and Wild Turkey.  All beads are glass and semi-precious stone.

    Small version: Ring is 3″ brass – overall length is about 18″-20″

    Wooden version:  White ash hoop 12″ – Overall length 20″-24″

    **  Shipment within Canada ONLY.   Non Canadian customers please do not purchase, or we will need to refund. (This is due to US migratory bird regulations)

  • White Ash Cutting board

    White Ash Cutting Boards

    13$ US19$ US

    We, here at Tribal Spirit are serious wood freaks….we are extremely attached to wood……wood carries a history, a life that lives on and shares it’s experience after it passes on.  Wasting a piece of wood is something we try not to do.

    While steaming and bending wood for our hand drums, any piece with a knot or lots of grain/figure we have to put aside because it will not steam.  Or rather it will not bend….the wood will split and break.  We inevitably end up with pile of beautiful Ash wood we don’t quite know what to do with….SO time to make some cutting boards!!!  The grain is very pretty, carefully sanded and finished with 2 coats of Bear Grease.

    We made up two sizes…cheese board sized at approx 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ and a Veggie board size approx 8 1/2″ x 12″.

    (Knife in the pictures is 8″ long for scale – not included lol)