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  • White Deer Leather

    63$ US

    This is wild White Tail Deer from the Laurentian Mountains north of Montreal that we tanned white (not albino deer). We gather them from hunters and tan them at our tannery. This year we chose to plane our deer a little thinner, to 2 1/2 ounces, which is ideal for beading or garments. (see our 3 1/2 oz moose for moccasins). We currently have pieces from 9 to 12 square feet.

  • Custom Image – Dyed Hand Drums

    43$ US215$ US

    Brand new for 2018. We have been playing with specific dyed images on our drums for a few months and are ready to put them out there. Once you complete your purchase please email us the image or an approximate image to [email protected] I will confirm with you when I see the image. If you are not sure, but you want a bear, or a feather or an eagle… let me know and I will contact you with a few image ideas for you to approve. Delivery for a custom drum is about a week.

  • Bear Hide Rattles/Shakers

    66$ US
    Tribal Spirit Black Bear Shakers are made with steamed White Ash wood body/shell covered with Bear Rawhide, maple handle with bear fur. These shakers have very strong tones with lots of variety.  For a strong sound, shaking the beads across the rattle striking the ash inside the tone is quite loud and dramatic.  Shaking the other direction hide to hide it is much softer and subtle, while holding the shaker flat and rolling the beads around the surface of the rattle creates a wave/ocean effect.  These shakers will be just amazing in the sweatlodge.
  • 11″ Children’s Hand Drum Dyed

    59$ US

    These are not exclusively for children, quite perfect for the budget-minded!  11″ x 2 1/4″ … Includes a drum stick, click picture for more info.

  • Moose Leather Mocc/Mitt Making Kit

    59$ US
    For the member in your family who was just about to start those moccasins.
    Kit includes:
    1 pc of Gold Moose Leather (3 1/2oz)
    1 mix kit of Glover needles
    1 medium roll of natural coloured sinew
  • Ceramic Smudge Bowls

    20$ US
    We designed these Ceramic Smudge Bowls with our potter friend to create a better Abalone shell.  In the native community we love to use Abalone shells for smudging because their natural holes help feed the coals and the bowl is deep enough that it holds the smudge well while burning.  Our clay smudge bowls are designed to look JUST like abalone.  They have a rough back, holes to air the coals, smooth polished inner ‘shell’ which will not burn, peel or stain and can be washed, even in the dishwasher.  The really unique and practical thing about our ‘shells’ is that they won’t heat up while smudging.  Abalone shells can become quite awkward to hold after 15 minutes of smudging people as the shell becomes too hot to hold.  Not ours.  A completely unique gift for the smudger in the family!!
    Available with these animals on shell (during check out process please indicate your top 3 preference, we will do our best). Buffalo, Wolf, Bear, Turtle, Eagle and Snipe (Sandpiper).
  • Feather Boxes (Out of Stock)

    51$ US

    In the Native tradition we are taught to care for our feathers as they will help is in our search for peace and truth. Our feathers help ground us and bring us clarity. We wanted to make a feather case/box that would carry that respect we have for our feathers.  (feather NOT included)

    We spent a long weekend recently designing what we thought was the perfect, coolest feather box we could come up with and we are very happy with the outcome. (Click picture for more detains)


  • Hand Drum Stick (Out of Stock)

    20$ US
    Our most amazing Powwow Drum stick maker wanted to offer a holiday vintage Hand Drum Stick.  These will for sure be the coolest sticks at the circle/roundie.  Solid Maple wood dowel with leather head and tip and excellent taping.  Although all our Hand Drums come with a drum stick…sometimes you need an extra.
  • Medallions – Star

    195$ US

    In the Native community medallions have become the NDN answer to “bling”.  Over the past bunch of years extraordinary artists have evolved a craft that is uniquely Native.  We asked a bunch of friends from the Trail if they would like to share their work on our web site.  Each of these pieces are one of a kind.  The beaded rope is woven beads (not peyote stick) and is to be worn around the neck.  If you have a design you would like to have created….please message us.

  • Smudge Kits

    20$ US27$ US
    Our Smudge Kits include a farmed Abalone shell, a bag of White Sage and a Fan wrapped with moose leather.  Each kit will be packaged in a handled Tribal Spirit paper bag and will include a text on smudging.
  • Hoodie

    35$ US

    Tribal Spirit Music Hoodie
    80 cotton/20 poly

  • 14″ Moose Sweat Lodge Drum Dyed

    148$ US

    14″ x 3″ white ash frame with moose hide, small moose drum designed for sweat lodge.  Click on pic for more info.


  • 14″ Double Sided Hand Drums

    254$ US

    These drums are 14’ wide x 5” deep.  We are making them out of moose hide.  Includes a drum stick. These drums are medicine drums that are popular for sweat lodges but also used as healing drums.  Click drum for more info.

  • 16” Cherry Mitered Elk/Wapiti Hand Drums

    137$ US144$ US

    16″ x 3″ solid Cherry (mitered – 16 sided) Elk Hide. Drum stick included.  Click pic for more info.

  • CD | Eastern Eagle – Mimajualuksi’kw – It Gives Us Life

    16$ US

    This album marks Eastern Eagle’s twenty-sixth year of singing Powwow. Throughout the past few years, we have had some ups and downs, including losing a few of our brothers. The healing spirit of the Drum has kept us together and has inspired us to share our new songs with you. We sing from our hearts […]

  • 10″ leather Saddle Bag

    70$ US

    10″ Gold Moose/Buffalo Saddle Bag

  • Handmade Ceramic Mugs

    23$ US
    Those of your who know Tribal Spirit from the Powwow Trail will recognize these beautiful Totem Animal Mugs which are made by a long time friend from British Columbia.  They are handmade, microwavable, dishwasher safe.  This is a limited holiday offering which we hope that you will enjoy sharing.  Stock is limited so in the comment section of check out please request your top 3 choices and we will do our best fill you top choice.  (Our friend is not status but does have Native ancestry)  Mugs are available with Eagle, Wolf, Bear, Snipe, Turtle, Buffalo and Moose totems.
  • 20″ Powwow Drum

    332$ US

    Our 20″ x 12″ Drum was designed for kids but sure is a great traveling drum if flying. Click drum for more info.

  • CD | Notcimik

    16$ US

    Where we are from. This is where the Atikamekw people had lived. Their children were born, the first words were said Notcimik. Ancestors always relied on it to live.        

  • 16″/17″ leather Drum Bag

    141$ US

    Small  Moose/Buffalo drum bag holds both our 16” and 17″ hand drums

  • Black Bear Drums (out of stock)

    47$ US137$ US
    The 16” has a huge bass tone that is so sweet. Very mellow yet formidable. (Sorry not enough skin left for a 16″) Our 14” is a little tighter in tone but still rich.  Both the 14” and 12” have been very successful in sweat lodge. (we do not recommend our 16″ for lodge) Our 8” is for sure higher in tone but still quite sweet and carries the medicine of the bear.  All of these drums are quite well greased and will not need applications of bear grease.  All hand drums will include a drum stick!  We will only have these drums for a short period of time…enjoy!! 
    (Please choose the size to display price of drum)
  • Gift Cards

    20$ US156$ US
    These Gift Cards can be purchase here online, and we will ship them to either you or the person you are offering it to. (during check out you can add that shipping address if you wish)  The recipient can browse our web site and either call in, email, or Facebook message us to redeem the value of the card.  (this will be explained in a note sent along with the card)