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  • White Deer Leather ‘seconds’ Special

    37$ US231$ US

    White Wild Deer Leather “seconds” Special!  Each year during hunting season we gather hides from local hunters that are feeding their families but would have discarded the hides. We recuperate the hides and then process them into leather and rawhide….BUT sometimes tanning doesn’t go as wonderfully as we would like it to. Our tannery just finished processing a huge batch of white and the grain/skin side came out a little blotchy. The colour is very white, and the suede side is really nice but the smooth side is a little rough. SO, SPECIAL!!! This leather will be perfect for baby moccs, lacing, small bags, medicine bags, general craft…but not really regalia, unless you plan to use suede side out…in which case this leather is a steal.

  • Custom Image – Dyed Hand Drums

    42$ US212$ US

    Brand new for 2018. We have been playing with specific dyed images on our drums for a few months and are ready to put them out there. Once you complete your purchase please email us the image or an approximate image to [email protected] I will confirm with you when I see the image. If you are not sure, but you want a bear, or a feather or an eagle… let me know and I will contact you with a few image ideas for you to approve. Delivery for a custom drum is about a week.

  • 28″ Raised Edge Powwow Drum

    693$ US

    Tribal Spirit exclusive.  Solid Cedar raised edge 28″ x 18″ Drum.  Includes Block Style Stand, available natural hide or dyed and any custom design of frame.

  • 16″/17″ leather Drum Bag

    139$ US

    Moose/Buffalo drum bag holds both our 16” and 17″ hand drums.  Also perfect for our 14″ Double Sided hand drum!