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COVID-19 Update – January 2021

Our small family-run business is still up and running and working from home as we usually do.  We are extremely well stocked and shipping daily all over Turtle Island!

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  • Powwow Drums In Stock

    334$ US864$ US
    Tribal Spirit Powwow Drums in Stock ready to ship.  Most of our drum orders are custom design which we love to do.  But we like to keep a variety of drums in stock and ready to ship.  Everything here is hot of the drum pulling table and ready to go.

    If you want a custom design please got over to our various sizes….purchase there and I will contact you to discuss design.


  • Bear Hide Rattles

    63$ US
    Tribal Spirit Bear Hide Rattles are made with a maple handle and a Bear rawhide rattle head.  The heads are double sewn, so nothing will fall out!  This is the first time making this style of rattle and we are very excited with the results.   Available in natural hide only.
  • Feather Boxes

    98$ US

    New and Improved!!

    In the Native tradition our feathers help ground us and bring us clarity.  We wanted to make a feather case/box that would carry that respect we have for our feathers.  We introduced our Feather boxes last fall….but found that we could make some improvements. So introducing our second edition.
    (please note: Feather NOT included)

    Our box is made of Butternut wood, which is 18” long,  and 1 1/4” deep.  We routered out the interior of each side leaving a 3/4” cavity inside to properly hold a feather.  We created an “old school” leather hinge with 5 1/2 ounce moose hide fastened with glue and 10 solid copper tacks.  Our boxes fasten with two moose leather ties that come up from the bottom and wrap around a moose antler button on the lid of the box.  Inside each box we have attached red felt to hold our feathers carefully in place.  Each box is carefully finished with 2 coats of bear grease, which makes a wonderful traditional wood oil treatment.

  • Smudge Kit with Moose Leather Bag

    75$ US
    Absolutely perfect for travel, rugged, attractive and you will always be ready when a good smudge is needed.  The kit includes a farmed abalone shell (we have a beautiful selection of the nicest shells we have seen in years), a jute bag of Californian White Sage, a small feather fan that attaches to the outside of the bag and one of our hand made moose leather saddle bags.
    Available in fringed style or moose antler button.
  • Tribal Spirit Earrings

    27$ US31$ US

    This year we are celebrating our 20th year on the Powwow Trail.  Tribal Spirit started out long ago with only a few products.  Dreamcatchers, Powwow Drums, Hand Drums AND Joywind’s unique bear jewelry.  We live north of Montreal in the Laurentian Mountains where there is a bear hunt twice a year.  The meat is always eaten and sport hunters are not welcome.  We have spent many years developing the contacts to gather claws and the teeth.  Joywind’s are 100% real glass beads, bone, wampum and semi precious stone.  Hardware is sterling silver. Please Note: WE ARE NOT ABLE TO SHIP ANY BEAR CLAWS OUTSIDE OF CANADA!!  Please do not purchase if you live outside of Canada or we will have to refund.  Sorry…

  • Handmade Porcelain Mugs

    25$ US
    Those of you who know Tribal Spirit from the Powwow Trail will recognize these beautiful Totem Animal Mugs which are made by a long time friend from British Columbia.  They are Native made, handmade, microwavable and dishwasher safe.
    (Size: 425ml – Almost 2 cups volume)
  • White Ash Cutting board

    White Ash Cutting Boards

    13$ US19$ US

    We, here at Tribal Spirit are serious wood freaks….we are extremely attached to wood……wood carries a history, a life that lives on and shares it’s experience after it passes on.  Wasting a piece of wood is something we try not to do.

    While steaming and bending wood for our hand drums, any piece with a knot or lots of grain/figure we have to put aside because it will not steam.  Or rather it will not bend….the wood will split and break.  We inevitably end up with pile of beautiful Ash wood we don’t quite know what to do with….SO time to make some cutting boards!!!  The grain is very pretty, carefully sanded and finished with 2 coats of Bear Grease.

    We made up two sizes…cheese board sized at approx 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ and a Veggie board size approx 8 1/2″ x 12″.

    (Knife in the pictures is 8″ long for scale – not included lol)