Hand Drums

We make our Native American hand drums old school, with steamed white ash frames which we make from scratch. They are almost round (98%), and made with wild deer, moose, buffalo and elk hides.  These are very close to what a drum would look like from 500 years ago.
Our drums are available in a natural tan colour or dyed either walnut or a range of colours upon request.


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  • Children’s Native Hand Drums

    60$ Canadian90$ Canadian

    Dyed (please choose your colour) or Natural our 8” and 11” kids drums are made with wild deer hide and come with a drum stick.  Laced with deer rawhide, the handle is perfect and very durable for little hands!  Comes with a kid sized drumstick.

  • Native Hand Drums-Deer Hide

    60$ Canadian385$ Canadian

    Our full range of Deer hide hand drums, from our 8″ kid’s drum up to our biggest deer drum at 16″.  All hand drums come with a drum stick.  Add a moose drum bag to protect your drum and get $25 off the set. The absolute BEST way to protect your drum from humidity changes is to cover your drum in leather…the classiest way is with one of our beautiful drum bags.

    All hand drums come with a drum stick!

  • Native Hand Drums- Moose Hide

    185$ Canadian500$ Canadian

    Our full selection of Moose hide hand drums.  From our 12″ drum up to our biggest Moose drum at 17″.  Our 12″ are really specific for Sweat lodge.  Our 14″ and 15″ are very versatile drums great for sweat lodge and out of lodge nice big bass tone.  17″ is our biggest boomer, huge tone very deep and powerful (not for lodge)

    All hand drums come with a drum stick.

  • Deer Hide – Hand Drum Kit

    55$ Canadian165$ Canadian

    We offer an 8″ & 11″ Kids hand drum kit.  As well as our 12″, 14″ and 16″ hand drum kits

    Our kits include an amazing instruction manual, a rawhide circle with holes punched (large enough to wrap all the way over to the back of the drum), rawhide lacing long enough to pull the drum and weave a handle, one of our steamed white ash hoops, and a drum stick kit.

  • Hand Drum Bag Kit

    45$ Canadian125$ Canadian
    For workshops or as a ‘do it yourself’ project.  Everything included (with detailed instructions) to make your own moose leather drum bag.
    Our new Drum Bag Kits are designed for a workshop.  We have included very clear instructions, sinew, glovers needle, small piece of thick moose to make a thimble and all the leather cut to size and appropriate shape.  We have also included instructions so that people can personalize their bags with either fringe or left as a ‘live edge’.
  • 14″ Double Sided Native Hand Drums

    400$ Canadian

    Moose or Buffalo 14″ Double Sided Hand Drums. These drums were designed for the Sweat Lodge….but live happily in any humidity situation. They have a very tight, clean resonance. Very popular with Smoke Dance singers. Great medicine Drum with a little something special inside.

    NOTE: If purchasing a leather drum bag for this drum, please select 16/17″ sized bag.

  • Leather drum ‘blankie’

    30$ Canadian

    The very best way to care for your drum long term is 1) bear grease treatment twice a year AND 2) keep your drum covered in leather all the time!!  We make beautiful moose leather drum bags but they can be outside the budget sometimes. So for a budget solution our split leather is perfect.  We select 7 to 9 sq ft pieces and this is plenty to wrap your drum with.  It can then live inside a canvas or plastic bag…..but the leather will protect your drum.