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Hand Drums

We make our Native American hand drums old school, with steamed white ash frames which we make from scratch. They are almost round (98%), and made with wild deer, moose and buffalo hides.  These are very close to what a drum would look like from 500 years ago.  Each year during hunting season we gather hides from deer and moose hunters are eating, but don’t know what to do with the hide. (these animals are not the result of sport hunting) Generally throughout North America many wild hides are thrown in the garbage.  We have developed a network of butchers who put the hides aside for us. We gather them, apply salt to preserve them and then at the end of the season ship them all to a Canadian tannery who processes half into raw hide for our drums and the other half into leather (please visit our Leather page).

Most of our drums are available in a natural tan colour or dyed either walnut or a range of colours upon request. EVERY DRUM INCLUDES A DRUM STICK!!

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  • Custom Hand Drawn Art Work- Dyed Hand Drums

    62$ US300$ US

    Brand New for spring 2019…..This new design came out of an amazing Powwow Drum we built this past winter….the client really liked our “lava flow” design (black dyed with red down the middle) but because he was Bear Clan, wanted a bear image in the middle.  The drum was overwhelming and we instantly had more requests for other clan images.  So these drums definitely require some client participation…when you are checking out (in the note section or email me [email protected]) please make your colour preferences….can be a double colour or a single colour for background dye…and then what animal/image would you like in the centre.   Delivery for a custom image drum will take a week to ten days.

  • Custom Stencil Image – Dyed Hand Drums

    42$ US212$ US

    We use dye on our drums not paint because paint increases the likelihood that a drum skin will crack. Hides are constantly moving with humidity changes but paint doesn’t like to move…and there is the problem. Dye works like a tattoo and naturally moves with the movement of the skin. But it is kinda tricky to dye specific images onto hide. Hides have to soak in the dye for 24 hours and getting a feather or an animal image is interesting… but our techniques have evolved…as long as the image isn’t TOO detailed we will be able to apply your image to a hide.

    So…. Once you complete your purchase please email us the image or an approximate image to [email protected]. I will confirm with you when I see the image. If you are not sure, but you want a bear, or a feather or an eagle….let me know and I will contact you with a few image ideas for you to approve.  Delivery for a custom drum is about a week.

  • Deer Hand Drums – Natural/Dyed

    31$ US135$ US

    Our full selection of Deer hide hand drums.  From our 8″ kid’s drum up to our biggest deer drum at 16″.  All hand drums come with a drum stick.  (Our standard colour for the dyed drum is Walnut… if you would prefer a different colour, please leave us a note during checkout)

  • Moose Hand Drums – Natural/Dyed

    123$ US193$ US

    Our full selection of Moose hide hand drums.  From our 12″ drum up to our biggest Moose drum at 17″.  All hand drums come with a drum stick.  (Our standard colour for the dyed drum is Walnut… if you would prefer a different colour, please leave us a note during checkout). Folks often ask us about the difference between moose and buffalo drums.  The truth is that, they are VERY similar drums,  Both great big tonality, serious vibration and both used for healing work.  Both moose and buffalo are VERY good at resisting humidity challenges.  For meditation or sound work both are incredible. We generally send out a hard head drum stick with our moose and buffalo because the hard head pulls out the perfect tones of these drums. SO the difference?  I have been told that historically they evolved from the same animal…but moose evolved as solitary animals while buffalo are more family/group oriented.  Of our hides, Mose are wild animals while our buffalo are famed.  Feel free to ask if you have more questions on this subject.

  • 16” Cherry Mitered Frame – Elk Hand Drum

    142$ US

    16″ x 3″ solid Cherry (mitered – 16 sided) Elk Hide (Selecting thicker hide between the shoulders). Drum stick included.  Click pic for more info.

  • Buffalo Hand Drums

    173$ US308$ US

    Buffalo Hand Drums.  One of the most important tools in the Native tradition is the Buffalo Rawhide Hand Drum.  They have a huge bass tone and are great for resisting humidity issues.

  • 14″ Double Sided Hand Drums

    250$ US347$ US

    Moose or Buffalo 14″ Double Sided Hand Drums. These drums were designed for the Sweat Lodge….but live happily in any humidity situation. They have a very tight, clean resonance. Very popular with Smoke Dance singers. Great medicine Drum with a little something special inside.

    NOTE: If purchasing a leather drum bag for this drum, please select 16/17″ sized bag.

  • Hand Drum Kits

    27$ US116$ US

    Introducing our new 8″ and 11″ Kids drum kits.
    (we recommend 8″ kits ages 0-5, 11″ kits for ages 5-12)

    For years we have been providing the most amazing adult sized 12″ and 14″ drum kits and now by popular demand we have geared up and are now offering a new line of Kids drum kits. Like our adult drums, each kit includes a hand steamed white ash hoop, a deer hide with holes punched large enough to wrap all the way over to the back of the frame. Lacing long enough to tie up the drum and weave a handle, a drum stick kit AND instructions to help anyone, even a complete beginner pull an amazing drum.

    12″ , 14″ and 16″ Hand Drum Kits

    Our kits include an amazing instruction manual, a rawhide circle (large enough to wrap all the way over to the back of the drum) with holes punched, lacing long enough to pull the drum and weave a handle, one of our steamed white ash hoops, and a drum stick kit…which includes a moose leather head (to be sewn with the included glovers needle and sinew), sheep’s wool, maple stick and sinew/needle to tie it on. We are very used to dealing with small or huge orders.

  • Black Bear Drums

    46$ US308$ US
    The 16” has a huge bass tone that is so sweet. Very mellow yet formidable.  Our 14” is a little tighter in tone but still rich.  Both the 14” and 12” have been very successful in sweat lodge. (we do not recommend our 16″ for lodge) Our 8” is for sure higher in tone but still quite sweet and carries the medicine of the bear.  All of these drums are quite well greased and will not need applications of bear grease.  All hand drums will include a drum stick!  We will only have these drums for a short period of time…enjoy!! 
    (Please choose the size to display price of drum)
  • Leather drum ‘blankie’

    19$ US

    The very best way to care for your drum long term is 1) bear grease treatment twice a year AND 2) keep your drum covered in leather all the time!!  We make beautiful moose leather drum bags but they can be outside the budget sometimes. So for a budget solution our split leather is perfect.  We select 6 to 7 sq ft pieces and this is plenty to wrap your drum with.  It can then live inside a canvas or plastic bag…..but the leather will protect your drum. 

  • Hand Held Shakers

    19$ US
    Tribal Spirit – Deer Hide Hand Rattles/Shakers are made with a cherry wood frame and wrapped with deer rawhide.  Click photo for more info
  • Bear grease

    15$ US35$ US

    Bear Grease is a traditional native american medicine. Black Bears have an unusual amount of fat on their bodies because they spend summers building up energy for hibernation. Over the winter Bears survive on this energy through their fat build up. Our Bear Grease is 100% pure Bear Grease.  It contains no preservatives or any other additives and must be stored in a fridge or freezer.  Jars are 125 ml. (4.2 liquid oz) or 314ml (10.6 US fluid oz)   

  • Gift Cards

    19$ US154$ US
    These Gift Cards can be purchase here online, and we will ship them to either you or the person you are offering it to. (during check out you can add that shipping address if you wish)  The recipient can browse our web site and either call in, email, or Facebook message us to redeem the value of the card.  (this will be explained in a note sent along with the card)