Leather Drum Bags

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  • Hand Drum Bag Kit

    38$ US135$ US
    For workshops or as a ‘do it yourself’ project.  Everything included (with detailed instructions) to make your own moose leather drum bag.
    Our new Drum Bag Kits are designed for a workshop.  We have included very clear instructions, sinew, glovers needle, small piece of thick moose to make a thimble and all the leather cut to size and appropriate shape.  We have also included instructions so that people can personalize their bags with either fringe or left as a ‘live edge’.
    Available in Gold/Tan, Cedarwood, Brown, Cream…
  • Sale!

    “And Now For Something Special” 12″ Moose Saddle Bags 20% off

    125$ US

    One of a Kind Bag 12″ Saddle Bags special 25% off.  Our Saddle bags are all about the curves….the bottom is plump and full and then curves in slightly near the top. lol  Our team has recently been working super hard making a wild range of different coloured bags and as we move towards the holiday period we are going to offer a different size each week on special.

  • The Tribal Collection Moose Hide Bags

    72$ US211$ US

    These bags are all one of a kind with a little something special.  Over the years we have expanded our leather colour selection and all these new colours inspire new work.  We love experiment with new designs and colour pairings and these bags are the result of us playing around.  We hope you enjoy them!!

  • Tribal eGift Cards

    42$ US423$ US

    Introducing Tribal Spirit eGift Cards.  Cuz you asked for it and we listen!!   Offer your loved ones the Tribal choice.  SO the way this works…is that you select the amount you wish to offer and in the ORDER NOTES please include your loved one’s name and address.  We will mail them one of our Holiday Cards with a note from you with the amount of the egift card.  Once your loved one receives the card they can email us or phone us and we will honour your gift.  And we will take very good care of them!!  SO please don’t forget to include their name and address.