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  • Moose iPad/Tablet Bag

    84$ US

    Moose Leather iPad or tablet carrying cases

  • 8″ Leather Hand Bag

    42$ US

    Our 8″ Moose Leather Saddle Bag / Hand Bag / Purse or Medicine Bag.  Available with Fringe front flap or Moose Antler button closure. (when checking out please specify preferences)

  • 10″ Leather Hand Bag

    57$ US

    10″ Moose or Buffalo Leather Saddle Bag / Hand Bag.  Soft and subtle!!  Our purses will last for years, gets a little dirty? Throw it in the wash on gentle and then also dry it on gentle and boom good as new.  Available in many colours (please mention you preference in the comment section while checking out) with fringe or moose antler button.  Feel free to email me with you preference….we can also take a picture of bags in stock and send it to you….and get it your way.

  • 12″ Leather Hand Bag

    72$ US

    12” Moose or Buffalo leather handbag. Strong, durable, built for a long life in the bush or in the urban streets.  Do you have a colour preference?  Let us know in the comment section as you check out.  Fringe or Moose antler button?
    *Will also fit our 11″ hand drum

  • 14″ Leather Hand Bag

    114$ US

    14” Moose or Buffalo leather handbag/saddlebag.  This is our largest saddlebag.  Round bottom but then curing in towards the top.  Moose is a very soft but strong leather, it won’t stretch the way deer will.  You can load up this bag with everything necessary to get you through the day and this bag will take it. All our bags grab peoples attention, be prepared to tell them where you got it!!  lol.

  • Moose Leather Hand Bags with Bear Fur Trim

    49$ US114$ US
    Brand New at Tribal Spirit
    Bear Trimmed Purses/Saddle Bags.
    Several years ago Joywind took one of her amazing moose leather bags and added some Black Bear highlights.  No matter where we are, downtown or small town, her bear trimmed purse is a hit with so many people asking for one of their own.  Introducing the full line of sizes from 8” up to 14” moose leather purses with black bear fur.  Our bags are a nod to an old school saddlebag design…round and the bottom with a slight curve towards the top.  These bags are one of a kind.  You won’t meet anyone, anywhere with a bag like yours.  As you are checking out please indicate your preference.
  • 12″ Leather Drum Bag

    95$ US

    12” Moose or Buffalo leather drum bag. Check out our “buy a drum and add a bag to save $25 off the set” on our hand drum page.

  • 14″ Leather Drum Bag

    114$ US

    Moose/Buffalo drum bag holds a 14” hand drum. The absolutely best way to protect a drum from the elements of humidity changes is with a leather drum bag.  365 days a year a drum changes with humidity changes.  Literally the skin grows with high humidity when humid and shrinks when dry.  This effects the tone of a drum. When too humid the tone does down and in extremes will go flat (a drum will return to its ‘normal’ as humidity moderates).  Too dry and a drum will get very high in tone and in extremes a drum can crack.  But a leather bag protects a drum from dramatic changes in humidity.

  • 15″-17″ Leather Drum Bag

    152$ US

    These Moose/Buffalo drum bags fit best for our various drums sized between 15″ up to 17″.  Also perfect for our 14″ Double Sided hand drum!   Check out our “buy a drum and add a bag to save $25 off the set” on our hand drum page.

  • 18″ Leather Drum Bag

    183$ US

    Large  Moose/Buffalo drum bag holds a 18” hand drum.  Check out our “buy a drum and add a bag to save $25 off the set” on our hand drum page.

    Moose Antler on flap or fringe

  • Sale!

    Infant Moccasins – Sale

    46$ US 30$ US
    Baby Wrap-Around Moccasins
    We are teaming up with a Women’s crafting co-op who have been buying our leather for quite some time.  The Nipawin Oasis Community Center is based in northeastern Saskatchewan which has an economic development team making moccasins one afternoon per week.  We are teaming up with them to send some ‘love’ their way.  The mocks are made with Tribal Spirit 2 1/2 ounce deer leather beautiful sewn and beaded as part of a women’s collective.  They are sized from 1 year to 18 months.
    They are very sweet and a perfect gift for the younger crew.
  • Deer Hide Regalia

    1,047$ US
    Introducing the Tribal Spirit Regalia
    We have been closet clothing designers ever since we started gathering and processing moose and deer hides.  We finally find ourselves with the space in our lives to create designs we have been thinking about for years and are thrilled to present our new line of clothing.
    Currently available in White, Brown or Gold
    Wild White Deer
    This ensemble is made with wild White Tail Deer and combines a Manteau with a full length live edge skirt.
    The Tribal Spirit Regalia is 100% made in-house using only the most supple and soft leather.
    This skirt has pull tie fasteners on each hip and comfortably fits from sizes 4 to 14. (larger sizes available upon request).
  • Moose Leather Rough Edge Vest

    396$ US487$ US
    Introducing the Tribal Spirit Moose Vest
    Since we introduced our new line of Regalia and Manteaus, we have been swamped with folks looking for a cool vest.
    We are happy to introduce our Moose Rough Edge Leather Vest.  Made with Moose 3 1/2 soft leather, hand stitched and is designed to be reversible, so that your vest can be worn smooth side or suede side out.  We used as much of the ‘rough’ or ‘live edge’ as possible giving the vest a creative natural feel.  Small pockets on both sides give the vest character and a little special touch!! While checking out please Ley us know you colour preference in the “notes” box or email me [email protected]
    Available in Gold/Tan, White, Cork and Black.
  • ‘Regalia Manteau’

    605$ US
    Introducing the Tribal Spirit ‘Regalia Manteau’
    We have been closet clothing designers ever since we started gathering and processing moose and deer hides.  We finally find ourselves with the space in our lives to create designs we have been thinking about for years and are thrilled to present the Tribal Spirit ‘Regalia Manteau”.
    The ‘Regalia Manteau’ is 100% made in-house using supple light weight leather.  Very comforting and worn over the head with no sleeves.  Designed to fit up to size 18.  Please contact us if you need a larger size.
    Our White and Gold Manteau are made with wild White Tail Deer that we gathered from local hunters who are feeding their families but don’t need the hides.  We gather and process at our tannery these hides to our specifications. The leather is 2 1/2 ounce in weight.
    Our coloured Manteau are made with ‘deer tanned’ cow leather.  We would prefer to use only deer, but annual hunted wild deer isn’t enough for the demand.  SO we made friends with some local family owned butchers who specialize in working with small scale farms.  We bought their cow hides and created various coloured “deer tanned” cow.  The leather is tanned EXACTLY the way deer is.  The feel is same, soft and supple, same thickness and has the same matte finish that we love.  Perfect to allow our need for colour to be expressed.
    We also have available black, blue, red and green.  We will be making more Manteau in the near future but if you have a specific colour request please email us, we would be delighted to make it.  [email protected]   
  • Powwow Drum Stick Bag

    114$ US

    Introducing our brand new design to carry your drum sticks. Moose Leather (5 1/2 ounce full weight). Our Bag is designed to hold at least 15 sticks up to 24″ long and has a strap on the back of the bag so you can sling it over your shoulder. Generally this is availabe in Gold/Tan, Black and Cork, but this changes with the availability of our Moose Leather. When you are checking out please leave us a not describing your prefered design and we will get back to you to confirm, or shoot us an email [email protected]

  • Leather drum ‘blankie’

    23$ US

    The very best way to care for your drum long term is 1) bear grease treatment twice a year AND 2) keep your drum covered in leather all the time!!  We make beautiful moose leather drum bags but they can be outside the budget sometimes. So for a budget solution our split leather is perfect.  We select 6 to 7 sq ft pieces and this is plenty to wrap your drum with.  It can then live inside a canvas or plastic bag…..but the leather will protect your drum.