Moose and Deer Leather

leatherOur leather is from the Laurentian Mountains north of Montreal in Canada. Each year during hunting season we recuperate hides from hunters who are feeding their families, but don’t need the hides.  We gather them, process them and have them tanned at a local tannery (not brained tanned)  It is in our Native tradition to waste as little as possible.

Each White Tail Deer is approximately 10 square feet and each Moose is 8 square feet as our moose pieces are 1/4 of a moose.

Hunters in our region always quarter their moose to get them out of the forest.

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  • Deer Leather Bundle (Special)

    200$ Canadian

    Deer Leather Bundle Special

    Each year we gather deer hides which we process into leather.  From a batch of these hides we recently processed a batch of White Deer (it will be available Week of 08/26) and we selected out only the perfect hides to turn into white leaving some “seconds” that we tanned into gold/tan.  The resulting gold wasn’t perfect…… The grain/smooth side is slightly marked and certainly not perfect….but the suede side IS 100% perfect.  So rather than hold onto leather that we would end up keeping for a while we are offering it at $4 (normally $8) per square foot.  Bundle of 50 sq ft for $200.  This is great leather at a great price.  Perfect for crafting, slippers etc,  really anything you do with deer, this will be perfect…assuming you can use suede side out or are able to be a little selective if using smooth side out.

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    Gold Moose Leather 3.5oz

    58$ Canadian360$ Canadian

    Gold Moose Leather 3 1/2 ounce is the PERFECT leather for moccasin and mitt making.  Easily sewn by hand, this leather is smooth one side and suede the other.  Extremely soft and subtle but will make a pair of moccs that will last for years.  We gather our hides from local hunters who are feeding their families but don’t need the hides.  Our 3 1/2 gold is by far our most popular leather as it is so amazing for so many projects.  We recommend glovers needles # 5 or # 6 for sewing.  (5 better for newbies, 6 for more experienced sewers).

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    Moose Split Leather

    113$ Canadian225$ Canadian

    Moose Split Bundles

    Moose Split is leather that is suede both sides, 3 ounces in thickness. Perfect economy leather for moccasins, slippers, medicine pouches etc.  Each bundle contains approx 10 pieces of leather each between 3 to 7 sq ft adding up to at least 50 sq ft.  We live north of Montreal and each year we recuperate moose hides from hunters who are feeding their families. During hunting season we gather the hides and have them processed at a local tannery. (not brained tanned) Currently available in Light Tan and Medium Tan Gold. Available in half bundles 25 sq ft or full bundles 50 + sq ft.

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    Buffalo Leather

    130$ Canadian158$ Canadian
    Sized between 13-22 sq ft (our sizes vary, please click on the colour/weight you’d like to see the size available).  These are farmed buffalo hides that are incredibly soft and supple.  The great thing about farmed Buffalo is that the hides are really perfect, both the grain/skin side and the split side.  Our 3 1/2 ounce is perfect for moccasins, mitts, gloves etc, while 5 1/2 ounce is best heavier moccasins, mukluks, or drum bags and purses.
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    Gold Deer Leather (Out of Stock)

    50$ Canadian65$ Canadian

    Available from 8 sq ft up to bundles of 50 sq ft.  This is wild White Tail Deer from the Laurentian Mountains north of Montreal. We gather them from hunters who are eating the meat but don’t need the hides. We recuperate them, and have them custom tanned at a local Canadian tannery. The average size of the deer runs between 6 to 9 sq ft. (the tannery measures them) 2 1/2 oz.

    Also available as a special bundle (which works out to 7.50$ per square foot (50sqft bundle))

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    White Elk/ Wapiti Leather

    101$ Canadian144$ Canadian

    White Elk/Wapiti Leather. Back in June we scored a load of farmed elk hides. We always have a huge demand for white leather for regalia, dresses etc so we were excited to make this batch of really big hides with virtually no holes into white. Well things don’t always work as planned. The July heat wave interfered in the tanning process and the final result is a little less clean than we had planned. BUT still very nice leather. The hides are virtually white and hole free. (if any holes they are off to the side) 3 1/2 ounce in weight will make this perfect for Boots, Moccasins, bags etc. For white lacing this leather will be perfect. Or for white regalia with some allowance for a bit of a rustic look, this will be perfect. But if you wanted perfect 100% white don’t get this I would call it 90%. Priced at $8 per sq ft. Pieces run from 14 sq ft up to 23 sq ft. (normally $10 per foot)

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    Gold Moose Leather 5 1/2 oz

    58$ Canadian72$ Canadian

    This is wild Moose from the Laurentian Mountains north of Montreal. We gather them from hunters and have them tanned at a local tannery.  5 1/2 ounce is best for making purses, drum bags etc and for real pros moccasins.  This leather is very soft and supple.


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    Cork Moose Leather – 3 1/2 oz (out of stock)

    58$ Canadian315$ Canadian

    Sizes run from 8 sq ft up to bundles of 50 sq ft.  This is wild Moose from the Laurentian Mountains north of Montreal Canada. We gather them from hunters and have them tanned at a local tannery.  These quarter moose pieces are about 8 square feet (the tannery measures them). Moose are wild animals and the leather has “normal” moose life experience built into it, but we always select the best pieces possible. (and we guarantee our hide if you are not happy we would replace it)
    3 1/2 oz.

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    Chocolate Brown Deer Leather

    49$ Canadian57$ Canadian

    Introducing Dark Chocolate Deer Leather.  This leather is quite thin, between 1 1/2 to 2 ounce, very soft, and really rich dark brown colour.  These are very fine small deer so sizes run 6 to 7 square feet each.

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    Black Moose Leather 3 1/2

    50$ Canadian72$ Canadian

    This is wild Moose from the Laurentian Mountains north of Montreal. We gather them from hunters and have them tanned at a local tannery. This leather is very soft and supple.
    3 1/2 oz.

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    Moose Grain Leather Bundle

    225$ Canadian 203$ Canadian

    These Grain Leather Bundles include 30 sq ft amazing grain leather, which is smooth one side suede the other. Available in 3.5oz and 5.5oz. (not to be confused with our Split Leather Bundles)  

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    “Deer Tanned” Cow Leather in Colours

    50$ Canadian162$ Canadian

    Colours, Colours, Colours!!

    Pieces range from 8 sq ft to 20 sq ft.  We are very excited to introduce our new line of coloured “deer tanned” cow leather (with more colours to come).  Indigenous leather is very different from the needs of the general leather industry.  We like our leather very soft, supple, and with a matte finish (not too shiny).  For years now we have been looking for a source of ‘native’ leather in various colours cuz some projects just demand a coloured leather….but it simply didn’t exist…SO we decided to make it ourselves.    The leather is tanned EXACTLY the way deer is.  The feel is same, soft and supple, same thickness and has the same matte finish that we love.  Now available in purple, red, blue, forest green, cream and gold.

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    “Deer Tanned Cow” White, Cream and Gold

    169$ Canadian338$ Canadian
    “Deer Tanned Cow” 50 sq ft bundles and 25 sq ft half bundles
    “Deer Tanned” Cow leather is an alternative to Wild Deer.  Over the past few years the population of deer in eastern Canada has been dropping.  So we went looking for an alternative.  This leather is tanned exactly like deer, same softness, thickness, texture and colour.  Advantage…no awkward bullet holes and the pieces are huge. Between 22 to 28 sq ft…We are offering half bundles of 25 sq ft and whole bundles of 50 sq ft..  Disadvantage….not deer.  But for any work you would normally use deer, this leather is perfect.
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    Infant Moccasins – Sale

    60$ Canadian 40$ Canadian
    Baby Wrap-Around Moccasins
    We are teaming up with a Women’s crafting co-op who have been buying our leather for quite some time.  The Nipawin Oasis Community Center is based in northeastern Saskatchewan which has an economic development team making moccasins one afternoon per week.  We are teaming up with them to send some ‘love’ their way.  The mocks are made with Tribal Spirit 2 1/2 ounce deer leather beautiful sewn and beaded as part of a women’s collective.  They are sized from 1 year to 18 months.
    They are very sweet and a perfect gift for the younger crew.
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    Moose Leather Mocc/Mitt Making Kit

    75$ Canadian 68$ Canadian
    For the member in your family who was just about to start those moccasins…
    Kit includes:
    1 pc of Gold/Tan Moose Leather (3 1/2oz – 8 sq ft)
    1 mix kit of Glover needles
    1 small roll of natural coloured sinew
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    White Tail Deer Raw Hide

    110$ Canadian 99$ Canadian

    This Raw hide is wild White Tail Deer. (we always select hides with no inconvenient bullet holes) Rawhide is used to make Hand Drums and Rattles. Raw hide is not leather….it has not been tanned….The process of creating rawhide involves removing the hair and thats it!! When soaked in water overnight it will become soft (like skin) and then when stretched over a drum and dried the skin becomes hard and sings. These are quite large hides and will make at least 3 and as many as 5 drums (depending upon the size of drum frame).

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    Deer Rawhide Scraps

    10$ Canadian 9$ Canadian

    We make great drum kits which are VERY popular….and therefor create a TON of deer rawhide scraps. Perfect for car mirror mini drums, parfleche, rattles etc. We will include a baker’s dozen of scraps into a flattened box and ship it off to you!! Have Fun!!

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    Scrap Leather Bags

    10$ Canadian 9$ Canadian
    By popular demand we are adding our Moose Leather Scraps to our web site.  Famous across the Powwow trail (lol) when we set up people charge our booth looking for our scrap bags…and we sell out quickly….but off season what do we do with all of our scraps?…..well here they are.  This is a well stuffed large Zip-lock bag filled with a mixture of 3 1/2 and 5 1/2 ounce moose of many colours.  You can request preferences, and we will do our best.
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    Clearance Leather

    50$ Canadian 45$ Canadian

    We just got in a batch of Cow Split leather in Black, Blue and Red (suede both sides)….the weight is 2 1/2 to 3 ounce.  The pieces are small 2 to 4 sq ft each piece..and we are bundling it into 25 sq ft for $50. This leather is great for drum stick heads, pouches, light weight moccs, bags, etc. The leather feels 98% like moose split. Great deal at $2 per foot and every piece if very useable.

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    Leather drum ‘blankie’

    25$ Canadian 23$ Canadian

    The very best way to care for your drum long term is 1) bear grease treatment twice a year AND 2) keep your drum covered in leather all the time!!  We make beautiful moose leather drum bags but they can be outside the budget sometimes. So for a budget solution our split leather is perfect.  We select 6 to 7 sq ft pieces and this is plenty to wrap your drum with.  It can then live inside a canvas or plastic bag…..but the leather will protect your drum. 

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    Beaver Furs

    90$ Canadian135$ Canadian

    Beaver furs:

    Medium (26″ – 29″) and Large (32″ – 34″) sizes available.

    Perfect for mitts or moccasins.

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    Rabbit Furs

    14$ Canadian 13$ Canadian

    Available in 3 colours: Grey, Brown and Natural Black (not dyed).

    Perfect for mitts or moccasins.

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    Gift Cards

    23$ Canadian180$ Canadian
    These Gift Cards can be purchase here online, and we will ship them to either you or the person you are offering it to. (during check out you can add that shipping address if you wish)  The recipient can browse our web site and either call in, email, or Facebook message us to redeem the value of the card.  (this will be explained in a note sent along with the card)