Rattles and Shakers

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  • Teníye Hand Shaker/Rattle

    65$ Canadian

    Brand New Gift for the Holidays:

    Teníye means Moose in the Secwepemc language (Joywind is Secwepemc)

    This 6 inch long rattle is a cabinetmaking piece of magic combining Moose Rawhide and Ash wood to create a very cool rattle.  White Ash is a very clean hard wood that is very effective as a rattle cuz it amplifies the tone.  Each end is capped with 1/4″ moose rawhide so the as you are playing, the glass beads are rattling around the wood as well as the rawhide.  This rattle is virtually indestructible and so it is the perfect shaker for a little person….and also perfect for travelling when you don’t want to carry a drum but need some percussion handy.  This shaker will also be very sweet in Sweatlodge…small but carries a big voice. We have made two designs.  Natural (bear greased with latex varnish) or Red Stain with varnish and vinyl taping 4 directions.

  • Deer Leg Bone Rattles

    175$ Canadian225$ Canadian
    Deer leg bone rattles are very dramatic exciting rattles.  They are visually dynamic and wild and the sound them make is even louder!!  The handle is a dried deer leg bone.  The black tips are deer toe nails with glass beads and some rattle have bear teeth.
    Sorry these cannot be shipped to the USA.
  • Rattle Kits (DIY)

    35$ Canadian45$ Canadian

    Everything is included, so that a great time is had by all. We are offering a Deer, Moose or Buffalo Rattle Kit. Each kit comes with a carefully selected piece of rawhide (shape traced out to be cut), glovers needles, sinew, maple wood handle and wool to stuff and shape the rattle.  We also include material (pebbles, copper pellets, glass beads etc) to give you options for creating different sounds. Our kit includes very clear instructions to make your workshop a huge success. 

    (Finished rattle not included – lol)

  • Bear Hide Rattles/Shakers (Lollipop)

    95$ Canadian
    Tribal Spirit Black Bear Shakers are made with steamed White Ash wood body/shell covered with Bear Rawhide, maple handle with bear fur.  These shakers have very strong tones with lots of variety.  These shakers will be just amazing in the sweatlodge.
    Please Note: WE ARE NOT ABLE TO SHIP ANY BEAR FUR OUTSIDE OF CANADA!!  Please do not purchase if you live outside of Canada or we will have to refund.  Sorry…
  • Hand Held Shaker

    40$ Canadian
    Deer Hide Hand Rattles/Shakers are made with a cherry wood frame and wrapped with deer rawhide. These are small rattles that you can hold in the palm of your hand and play along with the crew .  Travel very easy…a nice sound addition to a drum circle.  They are filled with a mix of rocks and beads.