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  • White Tail Deer Rawhide

    101$ US

    This Raw hide is wild White Tail Deer. (we always select hides with no inconvenient bullet holes) Rawhide is used to make Hand Drums and Rattles. Raw hide is not leather….it has not been tanned….The process of creating rawhide involves removing the hair and thats it!! When soaked in water overnight it will become soft (like skin) and then when stretched over a drum and dried the skin becomes hard and sings. These are quite large hides and will make at least 3 and as many as 5 drums (depending upon the size of drum frame).

  • Rawhide Scraps – Bear, Buffalo, Deer & Moose

    21$ US51$ US

    You know that expression “one man’s junk is another’s gold mine”….  We are doing a little summer cleaning and realize that we have tons of bear, buffalo, moose and deer rawhide scraps that we have been hoarding.  “Let it go Rob…”  These scraps are perfect for rattles, earrings, little mini drums etc.  Perfect for small crafting projects.  But to be clear they are NOT suitable for drums of any size.  IF they were big enough I would have turned them into drums.  SO we are selecting through the hides and picking out pieces that are appropriate for softball sizes rattles.  Each bundle will contain a dozen or so pieces of rawhide.

    Sorry we can’t ship BEAR to the USA.

  • Deer Rawhide Lacing

    21$ US

    Hand cut deer rawhide lacing.  This length of lacing is long enough to pull a 16″ hand drum with a great handle on the back.

    (approximately 28 feet of lacing)

  • Hand Drum Hoops

    25$ US46$ US

    Our drums are VERY unusual in that we make our own hoops.  These days most (virtually ALL) drum makers are using plywood maple frames made overseas or mitred multi pieced wood frames that are 8 to 12 sided.

    We order white ash lumber in large dimension, and then cut it into lats of different sizes (for different hoops) and steam and bend by hand.  We glue the connection with a water proof glue and then sand/router all edges. Our hoops are 98% round.  Ash is a very strong wood so our hoops will not move or bend over time no matter what kind of hide is pulled over them.

  • Sale!

    Tribal Rawhide Dog Chews

    6$ US8$ US

    This product comes strongly recommended by every dog in the neighbourhood!! We have been making drums for over 20 years and very quickly started taking the scraps rolling them up, letting them dry and giving them to our dogs. There are no preservatives, colouring, flavour added….just pure Rawhide.  Dogs visiting our house rush in the door past our legs to grab a dog chew from the basket…..so one of our dogs suggested during a family business meeting that we add them to our web site.  Who were we to say no…so nice of her to share with the Tribal Dogs out there….

  • Moose Rawhide

    85$ US

    Moose rawhide quarters are back in stock.  We are offering it in two different thicknesses.  Rattle making thickness is thinner, more pliable and easily sewn when soaked with a # 5 or #3 glover needle (in stock in our needle section).  A moose rattle makes the BEST sweat lodge rattle and also great for kid’s rattles as kids can’t chew them. The heavier-thicker pieces are great for powwow drum lacing, snowshoe lacing and other heavy crafting ties.  These pieces are NOT guaranteed to be large enough for drums.  You might get a 12″ drum out of it.    

  • Rawhide Kit for BIG DRUMS

    423$ US1,386$ US

    Need to repair or create a new powwow drum?  We will cut 2 rounds and enough wide lacing and then ship it out to you!  Full rawhides are ENORMOUS, basically unshippable!  So we have offered for many many years a “KIT”.  You give us the diameter of your drum and we cut 2 rounds and lacing, dry it, and ship it out.  Simple, right?  Drilling of holes is an option.

    Frame not included (Sorry, we don’t sell our frames separately).