Regalia Supplies

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  • Golden Cream Deer Leather

    36$ US380$ US

    New Colour Alert!!  We were looking to hit a colour that was on the cream side of gold…..we wanted it golden but more old school vibe….AND we scored…this is a very rich toned cream….with just a hint of gold in it.  I have a feeling you are really going to like this colour.  For regalia, leggings, craft etc this colour is going to give your work an ageless look….like when was this made? lol

    Please note that we are offering 2 tiers of discounts on our leather this year. Purchase 25 sq ft and get 5% off or 50 sq ft and get 10% off all leather.

  • Sand Dune Deer Leather

    36$ US380$ US

    A Brand New Color from a brand new tannery!!!  Sand Dune!!

    We really try hard to choose colour names that have the essence of what we see and after brainstorming, the name Sand Dune felt right. We just got a load back from our local tannery and we are very happy about it’s feel.

  • Gold Deer Leather

    36$ US380$ US

    Brand New Gold Deer Leather in stock!! We just finished up a double load of gold deer leather. Really really beautiful hides. Sized from 6 up to 12 square feet. 2.5 ounce great texture very easy to sew by hand or machine.  During hunting season this past fall we started working with a new supplier who sorts all of their deer.  This batch is from that source and it never gets better quality than this for wild deer leather.  Hides run from 8 sq ft up to 10 sqft.

    Please note that we are offering 2 tiers of discounts on our leather this year. Purchase 25 sq ft and get 5% off or 50 sq ft and get 10% off all leather.

  • Otter Furs

    85$ US

    Canadian Otter ranging from 36″ to 50″ long.  Perfectly soft, very nicely tanned….these otter are pulled (not cut up the stomach). They might have slight imperfections (mainly on the belly). If you are buying 2 for regalia we will be sure to select 2 the same size and colour.

    Our crafting grade otters are very nice for projects.

    PLEASE NOTE: We can not ship these furs to the States!! 

  • Deer Leather Lacing

    21$ US

    Used for Dreamcatchers, or necklaces or threading, deer lacing is so important in a craftspersons supply kit.  Our lacing is 1/4″ wide and pieces run about 36 to 38 inches long.

    Sage Cream, White, Grey, Black, Espresso, Cedarwood, Gold, Orange, Red, Pink, Fuchsia, Purple, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Green.

    10 strips of leather lacing included.  Sorry we can not mix colours.

  • Deer Leather Hair Ties

    38$ US

    Joywind has been making these for year when we are on the Powwow Trail and recently had a few people request them….so introducing online our Hair Ties.  Each Hair Tie bunch includes 2 ties one intended for each braid of hair. The overall length is 16″ with 6” leather that wraps around your braid of hair and then 10″ of fringe.

  • Ermine Pelts

    32$ US

    Funny story about Ermine….The prices keeps going up….Over the past 6 months or so we have had a VERY good price on Ermine, and we have been passing that price on to you.  Unfortunately those days are over lol and we are back to ‘normal’ ermine pricing. But worse that that, there is now a shortage or ermine and they may be hard to find in the future.    The are very high quality ermine skins.  All pulled skinned.  Perfect for Regalia.