Scissors and Hole Punch

Research has shown that per capita Native Households have more scissors in them than any other in Canada. And we all know that abusing Grandma’s special pair is a good way to get slapped. We Natives take our scissors VERY seriously!!

As Drum Makers we have spent 20 years researching scissors cuz we have cut lacing enough to stretch from Kahnawake Qc. to Simpcw BC, jk. The Finnish company Fiskars have been making cutting tools for 360 years and we feel that they make the longest lasting, most economical scissors available. We have been working for a couple years to make the right connection with the right person in Fiskars so that we could offer their products to our clients. Over the years we have purchased every Fiskars scissor and have selected two that will serve our community best.

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  • 1 3/4” Rotary Cutter

    9$ US17$ US

    The Fiskars Rotary Cutter using a 1/8” thick masonite ruler and cutting on a masonite surface works wonderfully.  This cutter wheel is designed for fabric cutting but works just as well with leather.
    This technique is perfect for cutting long strips or leather or fringe on a purse or drum bag.

  • 8” Razor Sharp Scissors

    24$ US


    These scissors are wonderfully designed to fit your hand.  When cutting rawhide lacing or strips of leather we can spend hours on a pair of scissors and an uncomfortable handle is the worst!!  A bad handle creates blisters, cramping of the hand and throwing of the scissors.  But these scissors are just perfect. Wonderfully angled so that your hand will fit comfortable in the scissors for hours at a time. The edge is, as described “razor sharp” and stay sharps longer than any scissor we have worked with.

  • Hole Punch

    70$ US

    We certify this Amazing Hole Punch!! As Drum makers we punch A LOT OF HOLES, in fact, Natives Punch A LOT OF HOLES!!
    For years we were using those cheap commonly available punches but our arms were falling off. Those old punches require an impossible amount of physical force didn’t even cut a clean hole. Finally after buying every brand of punch available we discovered the wonderful Sprenger Hole Punch. This German made hole punch has a lever or ratchet action and requires 70% less physical force to cut holes. Cutting holes even through even the thickest of moose leather or raw hide is a breeze. Effortless!! You will be astonished!! The punch features 6 different sizes of holes.  The punch is not cheap, but at $80 this might be the very last hole punch you ever buy.