Tribal Spirit Furs

We can generally ship most of our furs to the USA.  If the text doesn’t mention that the fur is restricted, then you are good to go.  Thanks!

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  • Sheep Shearling (1/2″)

    88$ Canadian136$ Canadian

    What does New Zealand and moccasins have in common???   Sheep Shearling!!  yup these astonishingly clean sheared sheep hides are perfect for moccasin lining.  Not to mention drum stick heads, hat liners and bed covering….I know it is the beginning of summer and wool doesn’t seem to make sense…but we ordered these hides when it was minus 35…..but with supply chain challenges….the hides get here when they get

    We CAN ship them to USA.

  • Otter Furs

    200$ Canadian

    Canadian Otter 48″ on average.  Perfectly soft, very nicely tanned….these otter are pulled (not cut up the stomach). If you are buying 2 for regalia we will be sure to select 2 the same size and colour.

    PLEASE NOTE: We can not ship these furs to the States!! 

  • Red Fox Furs Special

    100$ Canadian

    Wild Ontario Red Fox Furs: They are all about 48″ in length.  These furs were intended for clothing and are really great quality.  A local furrier had a contact to make coats but it was cancelled.  We picked them up at a great great price which we won’t see again.   They are pulled, great colour and beautiful full tails.


  • Ermine Pelts

    38$ Canadian

    Funny story about Ermine….The prices keeps going up….Over the past 6 months or so we have had a VERY good price on Ermine, and we have been passing that price on to you.  Unfortunately those days are over lol and we are back to ‘normal’ ermine pricing. But worse that that, there is now a shortage or ermine and they may be hard to find in the future.    The are very high quality ermine skins.  All pulled skinned.  Perfect for Regalia.


  • Beaver Furs

    150$ Canadian195$ Canadian

    Beaver furs:  We currently have four options.  Small, Large, Extra Large and Large Round.

    Perfect for mitts or moccasins.

  • Timber Wolf Furs

    530$ Canadian650$ Canadian

    We have had several customers asking about wolf over the past year….and we have been looking for wolf hides for the last year…finally we scored!!  These are very very beautiful furs.  We have 2 crafting quality…which are 95% perfect, the rest are just amazing, pulled hides.  They are all very close to 6 feet in length with a big bush tail.


    We can not ship these to the States, Sorry.

  • Wool Duffle

    70$ Canadian
    • 100% Canadian-Made Wool Duffle
    • Colour: Natural
    • Weight: 38oz

    Sold by the meter.  1m long x 1.4m wide

  • Rabbit Furs

    10$ Canadian

    Available in 4 colours: Grey, White, Dyed Black and Hare Brown.

    Sizes are approx 15-16″ Long by 10-12″ wide.

    Perfect for trimming on mitts or moccasins.

  • Black Bear Furs

    700$ Canadian850$ Canadian

    NEW STOCK:  Black bear furs with claws!!! 

    We just received a shipment of Canadian harvested Black Bear.  The tanning on all of them is very nice.  They are all #1 unless otherwise noted in the descriptions.

    PLEASE NOTE: We can not ship these furs to the States!! 

  • Lynx Furs

    275$ Canadian

    Lynx Furs: perfect hides pulled when skinned (not cut down the middle) They are all about 45″ in length.

    PLEASE NOTE: We can not ship these furs to the States!! 

  • Canadian Badger Furs

    180$ Canadian

    Canadian Badger Fur

    These furs are special….extremely beautiful…wonderfully soft….and did I mention beautiful?  The hides have a wild combination of striking colours/shades.

  • Coyote Furs #1

    160$ Canadian

    Coyote Furs: They are all about 60″ in length.  These are pulled skinned, not cut down the middle.  Perfect quality with lots of colour.


  • Moccasins (Moose Leather)

    210$ Canadian

    MOCCS!!  Every once in a while we love surprising you with something special.  A member of the extended Tribal team is working with our moose leather and making some incredible moccasins so as she finishes them we will make them available.

    Fuchsia (Women’s 8/9 – Raccoon) – Grey Fox Trim

    Gold (Women’s 8 – Blue Polar Bear) – Raccoon Fur Trim

    Gold (Women’s 9 – MultiColour Bison) – Grey Fox Trim

    Gold (Women’s 9 – Eagle) – Grey Fox Fur

    Gold (Women’s 8/9 – Raven) – Grey Fox Trim

    Gold (Women’s 9/10 – Owl) – Grey Fox Fur Trim (Sheared Beaver Lining)

    Black (Women’s 6 – FOX) – Coyote Fur Trim

    Black (Women’s 8/9 – FOX) – Blonde Raccoon Trim

    Cedarwood (Women’s 9/10 – Loon) – Grey Fox Trim

    Black (Women’s 10 – Orca) – White Fox Trim

    Cork (Women’s 10 – Eagle) – Grey Fox Fur

    Cork (Women’s 9 – Bear paw & Flowers) – Blonde Raccoon Fur

    Gold (Women’s 8 – Bear paw & Flowers) – Raccoon Fur Trim

    Gold (Women’s 7 – Purple Pastel Flower) – White Fox Fur

    Gold (Women’s 9 – Eagle) –  Grey Fox Fur Trim

    Gold (Women’s 10 – Polar Bear) – Raccoon Fur Trim

    Gold (Women’s 9 – Turtle) – Muskrat Fur

    Gold (Women’s 8 – Loon) – Grey Fox Fur