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    Children’s Hand Drums – Natural or Dyed or Image all IN STOCK

    23$ Canadian86$ Canadian

    Tribal Spirit Children’s Hand Drums: All the drums seen here are in Stock ready to ship.  It is said that if your heart is beating you know how to drum.  There is nothing more thrilling than to watch a child, even an infant discover the joy of beating a drum and playing a song.  Music opens the soul and a drum is the perfect ‘first’ instrument.  Available in 8″ and 11″ includes drumstick.  Dyed, Natural or In Stock Custom Image.   

  • Sale! Mini Powwow Drum

    Mini Powwow Drums

    338$ Canadian405$ Canadian

    Introducing our new Tribal Spirit Mini Powwow Drums.  The drums are designed after the style of our powwow drums but have a wide range of uses.  Initially this drum was requested by families who had very young singers.  Sized 13″ or 16″ in diameter and 12″ deep a youngster can sit and play along with the songs.  But this drum is also very versatile, great for playing with two hands, we could also see it as part of a drum kit.  Perfect Children’s Drum (sticks are extra) check our fluffy hand drums sticks perfect for these drums.


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    Hand Held Shakers

    25$ Canadian 23$ Canadian
    Tribal Spirit – Deer Hide Hand Rattles/Shakers are made with a cherry wood frame and wrapped with deer rawhide.
  • Lil’ Head Drum Sticks

    35$ Canadian
    Our hilarious, yet fully functional Lil’ Head Hand drum sticks are now available to order!!!  (15.5″ long…16″ long with hair)
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    Infant Moccasins – Sale

    60$ Canadian 40$ Canadian
    Baby Wrap-Around Moccasins
    We are teaming up with a Women’s crafting co-op who have been buying our leather for quite some time.  The Nipawin Oasis Community Center is based in northeastern Saskatchewan which has an economic development team making moccasins one afternoon per week.  We are teaming up with them to send some ‘love’ their way.  The mocks are made with Tribal Spirit 2 1/2 ounce deer leather beautiful sewn and beaded as part of a women’s collective.  They are sized from 1 year to 18 months.
    They are very sweet and a perfect gift for the younger crew.
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    Deer Medicine Pouches

    13$ Canadian14$ Canadian

    Deer Leather Medicine Pouches with Sage, Sweetgrass, Cedar and Tobacco.

    Wearing a medicine bag which contains symbols of who you are is a good way to keep the sacred with you all the time, as well as reminding yourself of who you are. Our little deer leather pouches like these can be worn around your neck or belt loop and can become quite important to you as symbols of your deeper self. We have included medicines of the four directions and feel free to add items that speak to you.   A bag like this is not “magic”, it does not turn you into superman, but when you wear it you know that you are trying to live in a sacred manner!!

    Please choose your colour.  Also available in a kit form (Sewn pouch, lacing and medicines).
  • Sale! Infant Rattles Moose Hide

    Moose Hide Baby Rattles

    50$ Canadian 45$ Canadian
    In Stock ready for next day shipping!!  Tribal Spirit Moose Hide Baby Rattles are made with a maple handle and a Moose hide rattle head. The heads are double sewn, so nothing will fall out!  This is the first time making this style of rattle and we are very excited with the results.   Available in natural hide only.
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    Dreamcatchers and Shields

    50$ Canadian86$ Canadian

    Introducing our custom one-of-a-kind Dreamcatchers and Shields.  Everyone on the Powwow Trail knows that Joywind makes the most beautiful Dreamcatchers.  Up until now we have only offered them on the “trail”, but by popular demand, we decided to offer her one of a kind pieces online.  So each one is unique, and when sold will be removed from the site replaced by a new unique design.  The same goes with our most amazing Shields.  We recently hired a young art graduate and she has been a wonderful addition to our team, creating image drums and shields.  For both Dreamcatchers and Shields we are not able to accept custom orders….what we have is what we got. lol Thanks.

    Feathers are a combination of Canadian, Snow Goose and Wild Turkey.  All beads are glass and semi-precious stone.

    **  Shipment within Canada ONLY.   Non Canadian customers please do not purchase, or we will need to refund. (This is due to US migratory bird regulations)

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    Deer Hide Rattles

    50$ Canadian 45$ Canadian
    Tribal Spirit Deer Hide Rattles are made with a maple handle and a Deer hide rattle head.  Not designed for sweat lodge but perfect for accompanying drums in a circle.   Available in natural or dyed hide. In Stock ready to ship!
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    Medicine Bags

    75$ Canadian 68$ Canadian
    Our new Moose Leather Medicine Bags
    We have lots in Stock ready for next day shipping!!  One of our most popular ceremonial items is our smudge kit and one of our most popular bags is our small 8″ moose saddle bag…so why not combine the two and offer a deal?  Absolutely perfect for travel, rugged, attractive and you will always be ready when a good smudge is needed.  The kit includes a farmed abalone shell (we have a beautiful selection of the nicest shells we have seen in years), a jute bag of Californian White Sage, a small feather fan that attaches to the outside of the bag and one of our hand made moose leather saddle bags.  Available in fringed style or moose antler button. Attention USA customers: we are not permitted to ship feathers into the United States.  Our thought is to add more white sage and a piece of leather to your Medicine Bag to compensate for the missing fan.  AND perhaps this is an opportunity to make your own fan. We use a small branch, drill holes and glue feathers into the branch.  Then you can wrap the wood with leather we have included.
    Please make colour requests (Gold/tan, cork/brown, black etc) in the comment section during checkout, we will do our best.
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    Hand Drum Sticks (Out of Stock)

    30$ Canadian 27$ Canadian

    In the world of Professional Hand Drumming, everyone knows that the difference between first and second place is the bling on your drum stick. Lol.  But truthfully drum stick creativity has come a long way in the past few years.  And why not have a fancy stick that screams out the pride you have for our culture and our songs.

    Our drums sticks are 16” long, made with a fibreglass rod.  Both the head and handle are firm and extremely well attached.  There will be no one losing their heads while playing with our sticks.  Our colour scheme is always changing, so while checking out please suggest 3 colour scheme preferences and we will do our best.