Tribal Kits

During this time when we are all spending way more time at home that we would want to, we keep creating crafting kits to help bring us together.  In fact many of Native schools and organizations have started doing zoom-led workshops with our kits.

We are very particular with the standards of our product and the same goes with our kits….we double check that instructions make sense, that everything that is required is included and that the quality of the kits meets our standards…..if we couldn’t make an amazing rattle out of our kits why would we send one to you?

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  • “DIY” Medicine Bags Kits

    72$ US
    Our new Moose Leather Medicine Bags KITS!!
    One of the handiest things around the fire or gathering is a nice smudge kit or medicine bag.  Recently we have had several people ask if they could make it themselves….and who are we to say no!!  Our 8″ Smudge Bag Kit consists of a front and back piece of moose leather, a moose leather strap, Sinew, glovers needles AND very careful clear instructions on how to assemble your bag.  The kit also include a fan (that we make for you) and farmed abalone shell and a linen bag of Californian Buffalo/White Sage.  We also suggest several different finishing techniques so that everyone can personalize their own bag.  Making the bag is an easy project that will make a great afternoon for the family or workshop.  Our bags can even be created virtually over zoom for an Isolated Gang.
  • Moose Leather Mocc/Mitt Making Kit

    63$ US
    For the member in your family who was just about to start those moccasins OR mitts…
    Kit includes:
    – 1 pc of Moose Leather (3 1/2oz – 7 sq ft) Options Gold, Cork, Medium Cream and Black
    – 1 Glover needle mixpack
    – 1 small bunch of natural coloured sinew
    – AND Moccasin & Mitt Kit Instructions (Mitt Pattern, and Mocc guidelines)
    (Leather included is enough to make EITHER a pair of Mitts OR Moccs  (Not both…lol)
  • Tribal Spirit DIY Dreamcatcher Kits

    21$ US25$ US
    Dreamcatcher Kits DIY in 2 options
    Brass ring….includes EVERYTHING. 5” Ring, lacing to wrap, lacing to hold feathers, seed beads for dreamcatcher weave, sinew, crow beads to hold feathers AND feathers
    8” Steamed White Ash Circles…..these don’t need to be wrapped with leather….cuz the natural wood is amazing…so includes…ashwood hoop, lacing to hold feathers, seed beads for dreamcatcher weave, sinew, crow beads to hold feathers AND feathers…….
    These images are just examples of the hoops.  Joywind made these dreamcatchers as samples of what your finished DIY kit could look like.
  • Deer Medicine Pouch KIT DIY

    17$ US

    Our Deer Medicine Pouch kit includes the 2 sides of the leather pouch (to be sewn, including a diagram of a stitching pattern we would recommend), one glovers needle (size # 6), Sinew enough to sew the pouch, holes punched so that you can thread the lacing and a long strip of deer lacing..and medicines of the Four Directions. (Sage, Sweetgrass, Cedar & Tobacco)

  • Rattle Kits (DIY)

    25$ US38$ US

    Everything is included, so that a great time is had by all. We are offering a Deer, Moose or Buffalo Rattle Kit. Each kit comes with a carefully selected piece of rawhide (shape traced out to be cut), glovers needles, sinew, maple wood handle and wool to stuff and shape the rattle.  We also include material (pebbles, copper pellets, glass beads etc) to give you options for creating different sounds. Our kit includes very clear instructions to make your workshop a huge success. 

    (Finished rattle not included – lol)

  • Sale!

    Deer Rawhide Scraps

    13$ US

    We make great drum kits which are VERY popular….and therefor create a TON of deer rawhide scraps. Perfect for car mirror mini drums, parfleche, rattles etc. We will include a baker’s dozen of scraps into a flattened box and ship it off to you!! Have Fun!!

  • Ceremony Tool Bag “DIY”

    68$ US
    Introducing our new quarantine project or Zoom workshop bag.  This DIY deer leather bag is designed with an inner pocket intended to carry your spiritual tools.  Perfect as a pipe bag, tobacco/sage bag, drum stick bag, rattle bag or bundle bag.  This over the shoulder bag lends to tons of creativity to make it your own.  Each bag, when sewn is 8” wide and approx 18” in length, but if your preference is shorter than you can easily modify it and have more flap.
    We have a wide range of colour options but inventory is always changing.  When checking out please tell us your top 3 colour preferences in the “order notes”.  Straps are always black or dark brown.  (Drumsticks not included… lol )
  • Deer Hide – Hand Drum Kit

    46$ US139$ US

    We offer an 8″ & 11″ Kids hand drum kit.  As well as our 12″, 14″ and 16″ hand drum kits

    Our kits include an amazing instruction manual, a rawhide circle with holes punched (large enough to wrap all the way over to the back of the drum), rawhide lacing long enough to pull the drum and weave a handle, one of our steamed white ash hoops, and a drum stick kit.

  • Hand Drum Bag Kit

    38$ US106$ US
    For workshops or as a ‘do it yourself’ project.  Everything included (with detailed instructions) to make your own moose leather drum bag.
    Our new Drum Bag Kits are designed for a workshop.  We have included very clear instructions, sinew, glovers needle, small piece of thick moose to make a thimble and all the leather cut to size and appropriate shape.  We have also included instructions so that people can personalize their bags with either fringe or left as a ‘live edge’.
  • Hand Drum Hoops

    21$ US46$ US

    Our drums are VERY unusual in that we make our own hoops.  These days most (virtually ALL) drum makers are using plywood maple frames made overseas or mitred multi pieced wood frames that are 8 to 12 sided.

    We order white ash lumber in large dimension, and then cut it into lats of different sizes (for different hoops) and steam and bend by hand.  We glue the connection with a water proof glue and then sand/router all edges. Our hoops are 98% round.  Ash is a very strong wood so our hoops will not move or bend over time no matter what kind of hide is pulled over them.