A Tribe Called Mi'kmaq

ATCM: We Honour The Water Nominated:

Aboriginal Peoples Choice Best Contemporary Powwow 2011

The drum plays an important role in our lives, and has opened the door to many practices, customs and traditions long practiced by our elders. This is a way of life for us, one we believe must be passed on to future generations. Our songs are gifts from the Creator. Our goal is to connect with one beat, one voice and one spirit. Unison strengthens the song. The beat represents the heartbeat of our mother earth, and is symbolic of the blessings the earth provides for us. The drum is our teacher, and its spirit teaches us to sing for our people, for the blessings of life, for the Creator and creation.


We Honour the water


we-honour-the-waterWe Honour The Water: We are a Northern Contemporary Drum group and most of the songs in this cd are word songs sung in Mi’kmaq (mikmac). Our songs are exciting, dramatic and are will get you up off your feet. Listen for our long leads…we hope you like them…..


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