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  • Bear Root- Osha

    42$ US85$ US

    We are very excited to be able to offer Bear Root.  One of the most important Native traditional medicines.

    Bear Root or Osha Root is traditionally used in herbal medicine to treat symptoms of respiratory illnesses such as the common cold and bronchitis. Osha Root is also known to have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Traditionally, Osha is taken as a tea, or eaten raw, or sometimes used as a smudge.  Osha is also VERY popular among Powwow singers cuz nothing soothes an over worked throat after a weekend singing better than Osha.  Singers will bite off a bit of root and stick it up under your lip and then just sucking/chewing on it will seriously ease a soar throat.  Our Osha is Native harvested in the Rocky Mountains.  In the picture with the pair of scissors the pile of root on left is 4 ounces and pile on right is 2 ounces.

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    Western Red Cedar Loose Leaves

    10$ US41$ US

    Western Red Cedar Loose Leaves

    Cuz we gotcha covered….we have been reaching out for this connection for a long time.  We have started working with a young Indigenous woman who is harvesting and drying this Red Cedar leaves from the Great Bear Rain Forest in a good way and sacred way.  Cedar is generally used in smudging ceremonies for purification or cleansing.  It is one of the 4 primary medicines (Tobacco, Sweetgrass, Sage, Cedar).   Coming from very old growth trees cedar is understood to carry the teachings of the ancestors.  Packaged neatly in a linen bag with drawstrings as closure.

  • Large White Sage Sticks

    12$ US

    White Sage is all about cleansing and purifying.  Need a good mood tune up? or house cleansing? reach for the Sage.  Before all ceremonies sage is used to clean the spirit and energy.  These sticks are huge 9″ long, made with big full leaves.  The cool part with using a stick is that you can light it and then simply stamp it out on a shell or piece of wood for the next time.  Nice and efficient.

  • British Columbia Harvested Mullein

    7$ US

    Mullein Leaf is a plant we have always kept in our ‘medicine tool chest”.  Great for lungs and breathing ailments we have used it for year to relax the lungs during bouts of asthma.  Mullein was also our ‘go to’ during a recent bout with covid.  Mixed with a bit of lemon and honey we really really appreciated our mullein tea.  It is important to stain a mullein tea through a coffee filter or very fine tea strainer and the very fine hairs on a mullein leaf can irritate the throat when swallowed.

  • Devil’s Club Root Bark

    13$ US

    Devils Club Root Bark is considered one of the most powerful and important of all medicinal plants.  It is most effective in treating phlegm related to colds, bronchitis, pneumonia and the newest kid in town, covid.  It has also been used to treat diabetes as it help regulate blood sugar levels.  This bark was harvest in early spring when it is at it’s most potent stage, just before the plant shoots out the buds.  We are offering this by the ounce.

  • Fluffy Hand Drum Sticks

    30$ US
    Gorgeous fluffy drum sticks (16″ long).  These will give a lower tone when drumming, perfect for in a house or apartment, or when you want to keep the sound a bit lower for the neighbours. :).
    Also great for a young hand drum group with some learners in the group….it smooths out the beats, mistakes are less obvious and helps a group learn to drum together.  (we also make fluffy 23″ powwow sticks)
    We use REAL sheep shearling for our fluffys….none of that fake stuff!!!
  • Maple Sugar

    8$ US17$ US

    We have a travelling friend who drops by once a year and we trade stuff…..he makes the best freakin Maple Sugar we have ever tasted.  It is made over a wood fired boiler and using the very last of the maples sap of the year (which is the most caramel-y of the sap run) brought to a very high temperature and paddled stirred until it dries.  Then is crushed to a fine powder.  The result a woody, slightly smoked powered touch of bliss.  Really seriously bliss.  We are including this in the Tribal Medicine category….cuz a teaspoon of this Maple Sugar definitely makes the medicine go down….

  • Maple Syrup

    8$ US

    As everyone knows Quebec produces 80% of the most amazing Maple Syrup in the world.  Every person in Quebec is born gifted with a sugar tooth Connoisseur palate for maple syrup.  Our favourite is a wonderful  fine amber syrup certified organic boiled by friends (non-Indigenous) who live near Mont Tremblant.  Each year we buy quite a stock to supply us and our entire team.  As we approach spring (yup it is coming) we have an abundance so we thought we would share our Maple Syrup stock with those who have not.  Trust me, it will be the best you have ever tasted!!

  • Myrrh

    17$ US101$ US


  • Handmade Porcelain Mugs

    27$ US
    Those of you who know Tribal Spirit from the Powwow Trail will recognize these beautiful Totem Animal Mugs which are made by a long time friend from British Columbia.  They are Native made, handmade, microwavable and dishwasher safe.
    (Size: 425ml – Almost 2 cups volume)
  • 8″ Leather Hand Bag

    76$ US

    Our 8″ Moose Leather Saddle Bag / Hand Bag / Purse or Medicine Bag.  Available with Fringe front flap or Moose Antler button closure. (when checking out please specify preferences)

    (Note, our 8″ hand drum will not fit in this hand bag.  Please select a 10″ hand bag for your 8″ hand drum.)

  • Hand Held Shaker

    34$ US
    Deer Hide Hand Rattles/Shakers are made with a cherry wood frame and wrapped with deer rawhide. These are small rattles that you can hold in the palm of your hand and play along with the crew .  Travel very easy…a nice sound addition to a drum circle.  They are filled with a mix of rocks and beads.
  • Maple Hand Drum Stick

    21$ US
    These are the hand drum sticks that we include with all of our larger hand drums (12″ and larger).  We make them in house with a maple wood handle, moose leather drum head stuffed with raw sheep’s wool and tied off with sinew.  You know that age old community problem of your drum head flying off in the middle of a ceremony / performance… well, we have a secret, and guarantee that our heads will never fly off!!  lol  They vary in length, but average about 14″ to 15″ long.
    Mostly Sugar Maple, but also can include Black Cherry, or Silver Birch.
    Now available in several colours!!