Tribal Stocking Stuffers

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  • Mayan Copal

    17$ US31$ US

    Copal is a tree resin from the Protium Copal Tree.  Copal is used in ceremonies, it is burned as a medicine for cleansing energies, the home, crystals and oneself. The medicine of copal helps oneself to release/relax and open the mind and body.  This copal came to us in form of a trade.  We now have Pom Copal available.

  • White Cedar Loose Leaves

    7$ US26$ US

    Cedar is generally used in smudging ceremonies for purification or cleaning.  It is one of the 4 primary medicines (Tobacco, Sweetgrass, Sage, Cedar).  We gathered it locally in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec.  Coming from very old growth trees cedar is understood to carry the teachings of the ancestors.


  • Lil’ Head Drum Stick

    30$ US
    Our hilarious, yet fully functional Lil’ Head Hand drum sticks are now available to order!!!  (15.5″ long…16″ long with hair). Includes one drum stick.
  • Fluffy Hand Drum Sticks

    35$ US

    Gorgeous fluffy drum sticks (16″ long).  These will give a lower tone when drumming, perfect for in a house or apartment, or when you want to keep the sound a bit lower for the neighbours. :).

    Also great for a young drum group of a beginning group of hand drum singers….it smooths out the beats, mistakes are less obvious and helps a group learn to drum together.  (we also make fluffy 23″ powwow sticks)
    We use REAL sheep shearling for our fluffys….none of that fake stuff!!!
  • Handmade Porcelain Mugs

    28$ US
    Those of you who know Tribal Spirit from the Powwow Trail will recognize these beautiful Totem Animal Mugs which are made by a long time friend from British Columbia.  They are Native made, handmade, microwavable and dishwasher safe.
    (Size: 425ml – Almost 2 cups volume)
  • 8″ Leather Hand Bag

    78$ US

    Our 8″ Moose Leather Saddle Bag / Hand Bag / Purse or Medicine Bag.  Available with Fringe front flap or Moose Antler button closure. (when checking out please specify preferences)

    (Note, our 8″ hand drum will not fit in this hand bag.  Please select a 10″ hand bag for your 8″ hand drum.)

  • Deer Hide Rattles

    65$ US
    Tribal Spirit Deer Hide Rattles are made with a maple handle and a Deer hide rattle head.  Not designed for sweat lodge but perfect for accompanying drums in a circle.   Available in natural or dyed hide.
  • Hand Held Shaker

    35$ US
    Deer Hide Hand Rattles/Shakers are made with a cherry wood frame and wrapped with deer rawhide. These are small rattles that you can hold in the palm of your hand and play along with the crew .  Travel very easy…a nice sound addition to a drum circle.  They are filled with a mix of rocks and beads.
  • Maple Hand Drum Stick

    17$ US
    These are the hand drum sticks that we include with all of our larger hand drums (12″ and larger).  We make them in house with a maple wood handle, moose leather drum head stuffed with raw sheep’s wool and tied off with sinew.  You know that age old community problem of your drum head flying off in the middle of a ceremony / performance… well, we have a secret, and guarantee that our heads will never fly off!!  lol  They vary in length, but average about 14″ to 15″ long.
    Mostly Sugar Maple, but also can include Black Cherry, or Silver Birch.
    Now available in several colours!!