Native American Flutes

Tribal Spirit is excited to announce our new partnership with an amazing Cayuga Native flute maker from Six Nations. We have been travelling the Powwow Trail with him for years and are excited to have him join the Tribal Spirit team. His flutes are all 100% hand made and absolutely one of a kind. His exacting attention to detail, quality and precision makes his flutes some of the best in Indian country.  These are not included in the Black Friday special cuz they are made by a friend and can’t be discounted.

Old stories tell of the romantic power of the Native flute.  The tone is sensual and moving.  A perfect stress release.  The beautiful thing about a Native flute is that like a drum, everyone intuitively knows how to play.  We are taught that if you tune into your heart, everyone can hear the beat and play a drum. The same goes with a Native flute, pause… listen to your breath and you can make your flute sing.  (We cannot accept returns on Flutes due to hygienic reasons)

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