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site-1-section-2-frOur cutting-edge record label has created new opportunities for native musicians, because we have developed a different way of doing business. We believe strongly in striving for excellence, supporting creativity and community as well as family development. Our business is based on honesty, trust and communication. The Native Musicians that we have recorded know that their success is important to us. Our goal is to empower others in their pursuit of further inspiration and creativity. Groups recieve 70% of each on-line sale!!! (100% of their physical sales)

We like to keep things simple. We record live at powwows, or create our own household studios. But with the help of our sound engineer Errol Francis, as well as with great equipment, we produce sound quality that is second to none! We work hard to create sharp, impressive graphics and thanks to Gustavo, have been nominated and received awards for our album covers. And we pack each CD with lots of music, because we want to give customers their money’s worth. We wish to take our cultural traditional and contemporary singing into the future and see the artists get rewarded for their work…so that they can bring us more music!!! We are very happy to announce that In Winnipeg 2011 Black Bear won Best Peoples Choice Powwow Contemporary, and in Toronto 2011, Smoke Trail won best Traditional Powwow and A Tribe Called Mi’kmaq won best Contemporary Powwow. So to Add up out of four possible Powwow Music Awards (in Canada)in 2011, Drum Groups produced by Tribal Spirit Music won three of them….cool!!!!