17″ Moose Hand Drum Natural

185$ US

17″ x 3″ White ash hoop with moose hide.  Our most powerful hand drum.  Click on pic for more info.

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These drums are energetically and vibrationally significant, and have been used by healers forever. Historically and currently they are ceremonial but also amazing singing drums. Medicine people of yesterday and today work with moose hand drums. They are heavier, and give a big loud bass resonance. They are too big for a sweatlodge, but they are so resistant to humidity that they will last way into the night at a Powwow hand drum competition.  We cut and steam our own white ash wood hoops to 3″ deep.  Includes drum stick that we make with a maple branch, moose leather head stuffed with raw sheeps wool.  (we like raw sheeps wool because of the lanolin oils in the wool that make a firm long lasting drum head)

Additional information

Weight 8.0000 lbs
Dimensions 3.0000 x 17.0000 x 17.0000 in

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