26″ Raised Edge Powwow Drum

930$ US

Tribal Spirit exclusive. Solid Cedar raised edge 26″ x 18″ Drum. Includes Block Style Stand, available with natural hide or dyed and any custom design of the frame.

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We have been building our own custom barrel style cedar drums for nearly 20 years but yet loving the western style raised edge drum.  The only problem is that they are generally made with plywood and tons of screws holding them all together…over time the plywood delaminates with drum sound vibration and the drums start to buzz.  So we went back to the drawing board and came up with a solid white cedar design that has no plywood or screws.

A raised edge drum means that the top and bottom of the frame is 1/2″ proud of the centre section of the drum, so that the lacing is not touching the centre part.  These are very beautiful drums and are lighter than our barrel design because much less wood involved, but yet still preserving the traditional cedar wood of old drums.  We hope you like them.

Additional information

Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 24.0000 × 27 × 27 in

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