Native Hand Drums- Moose Hide

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Our full selection of Moose hide hand drums.  From our 12″ drum up to our biggest Moose drum at 17″.  Our 12″ are really specific for Sweat lodge.  Our 14″ and 15″ are very versatile drums great for sweat lodge and out of lodge nice big bass tone.  17″ is our biggest boomer, huge tone very deep and powerful (not for lodge)

All hand drums come with a drum stick.



Our full selection of Moose hide hand drums.  From our 12″ drum up to our biggest Moose drum at 17″.   (Our standard colour for the dyed drum is Walnut… if you would prefer a different colour, please leave us a note during checkout). Folks often ask us about the difference between moose and buffalo drums.  The truth is that, they are VERY similar drums,  Both great big tonality, serious vibration and both used for healing work.  Both moose and buffalo are VERY good at resisting humidity challenges. All hand drums come with a drum stick.  For meditation or sound work both are incredible. We generally send out a hard head drum stick with our moose and buffalo because the hard head pulls out the perfect tones of these drums. SO the difference?  I have been told that historically they evolved from the same animal…but moose evolved as solitary animals while buffalo are more family/group oriented.  Of our hides, moose are wild animals while our buffalo are farmed.  Feel free to ask if you have more questions on this subject. Add a moose drum bag to protect your drum and get $25 off the set. The absolute BEST way to protect your drum from humidity changes is to cover your drum in leather…the classiest way is with one of our beautiful drum bags.  In our options we offer natural or walnut dyed, but if you want a different colour please mention it in the “Order Notes” while checking out.

Additional information

Weight 4.0000 lbs
Dimensions 3.0000 × 10.0000 × 10.0000 in
Choose Size and Colour:

12" Natural, 12" Natural with Drum Bag, 12" Dyed, 12" Dyed with Drum Bag, 14" Natural, 14" Natural with Drum Bag, 14" Dyed, 14" Dyed with Drum Bag, 15" Natural, 15" Natural with Drum Bag, 15" Dyed, 15" Dyed with Drum Bag, 17" Natural, 17" Natural with Drum Bag, 17" Dyed, 17" Dyed with Drum Bag

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