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26″ Powwow Drum (Barrel Style)

840.00 $CAD

26″ x 17″ Sits 8 singers, solid cedar barrel design, includes stand and any custom design.  Click drum for more info.

Product Description

Now we are getting into our medium sized drums.  Once the boys start heading into their teen years or the group gets up to 8 singers, then this 26” x 17″ is perfect. It is a very flexible drum because it is still not huge but offers heavier tones than the smaller drums.

Drum includes either a block or suspended style stand as well as a custom design of frame colour and dyed or natural hide.

Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 30 × 30 in

We live in Canada and ship all over Turtle Island (except where noted: Bear products, Feathers and some wild furs) everything else is good to ship.

We ship daily via Canada Post & US Postal Service as well as Fedex Ground and Fedex Express all across North America.

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