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We live in Canada and ship all over Turtle Island (except where noted: Bear products, Feathers and some wild furs) everything else is good to ship.

We ship daily via Canada Post & US Postal Service as well as Fedex Ground and Fedex Express all across North America.

Return Label Info:

Please contact us at [email protected] for returns. And then follow this link to generate a Canada Post return label for your package.
Canada Post Return Label

Refund Policy:

If you really really don’t like something we send you we will 100% refund the cost of the item and shipping.  But if you do receive something from us that you are not happy with PLEASE PLEASE reach out to us.  We will always do our best to fix the problem.  Refunds here at Tribal Spirit are very rare cuz we believe that it is our responsibility to find solutions and make your shopping experience with us one that you will be happy with and recommend to your friends.  It is a small community and we work very hard to maintain our reputation.