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We currently do not offer wholesale pricing.

Pricing should be showing in the currency of your location.  Either CAD $ or US $.  If that is not happening please click the currency switcher in top right of screen if you’re on a computer browser.  Or the bottom of the main menu if you are on a Mobile Device.

Our website tries to guess your location using ‘Geo-Location’… sometimes it fails.  Sorry about that.  We are based in Canada, and ship to all of North America.

There is lots of controversy and rumour around taxation rights for Status Natives in Canada. The general “rule” seems to be that purchased items must be delivered on Rez, but then seems to depend upon each province. We disagree with that policy and wonder why the government wants to keep Indigenous people “on the rez”. This appears to be a hold over of the regulation demanding that any Native person must have a permit to leave the reservation. I expect that eventually the supreme court will find the taxation rule unconstitutional, but in the mean time we at Tribal Spirit have decided that it is not our responsibility to collect taxes from Canadian Status Indigenous People no matter where they live. So as part of the ‘check-out’ process you will see a section to fill in your complete status card number and you will not be charged taxes. We hope that this makes your shopping experience less discriminatory….lol Joywind and Rob

PS: this only applies to Canadian customers, we ship from Canada and are not expected to collect taxes for any American governments and USA has a very high purchase value before any duty would ever be charged.

We calculate your shipping rate based on the size/weight of the box we will ship you, and based on the distance this box needs to travel.  We offer both Canada Post (USPS), and Fedex Ground.  As well as Fedex Express for RUSH deliveries.

We are located a few hours north of Montreal. In the province of Quebec, Canada.  We ship all across North America.

We don’t have a storefront, but are welcome to customers that want to visit and pick up some supplies.  Please email us to arrange an appointment.  Monday to Thursday from 8h30 to 16h00.

Our leathers are measured in Ounces (OZ).  The thinnest being 2oz for our Split Leather.  2.5oz for our Deer Leather and finally 3.5oz and 5.5oz for our two thicknesses of Moose Leather.

Our leather is Chrome tanned, which produces a soft and supple leather.  Belt leather requires a VegTanned tanning process which we do not make here.  (please google “Veg tanned leather” to help you find what you are searching for.