Drum Sticks

Powwow Drums are always played with sticks and traditionally these sticks were made out of wood. Modern powwow drumsticks are now made with a thin fiberglass rod. The fiberglass flexes with each beat, reducing arm fatigue and allowing the player to drum and sing for hours. They have double-sided heads of hand-sewn leather, on a pinstriped/decorated stick. (the fancier the better lol)
Powwow Drumsticks take a crazy beating and must be made very carefully to survive. They are extremely labour intensive to produce! We work with a few local Drum Stick Makers who are truly masters of their art. Our stick are 23″ long, heads are firm. Our colour supply is constantly changing. We always have several sets in stock and can send you pictures for you to choose from or you can design your own. Custom design orders take about 2 weeks. Please email for available designs: info@tribalspiritmusic.com OR just mention preferences in comment box upon checkout. Thanks Joywind & Rob

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