Hand Drum Kits

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    White Tail Deer Raw Hide

    93$ US 77$ US

    On Sale Now:  This Raw hide is wild White Tail Deer. (we always select hides with no inconvenient bullet holes) Rawhide is used to make Hand Drums and Rattles. Raw hide is not leather….it has not been tanned….The process of creating rawhide involves removing the hair and thats it!! When soaked in water overnight it will become soft (like skin) and then when stretched over a drum and dried the skin becomes hard and sings. These are quite large hides and will make at least 3 and as many as 5 drums (depending upon the size of drum frame).

  • Hand Drum Kits

    35$ US116$ US

    Introducing our new 8″ and 11″ Kids drum kits.
    We recommend 8″ kits ages 0-5 and our 11″ kits for ages 5-12

    Like our adult drums, each kit includes a hand steamed white ash hoop, a deer hide with holes punched large enough to wrap all the way over to the back of the frame. Lacing long enough to tie up the drum and weave a handle, a drum stick kit AND instructions to help anyone, even a complete beginner pull an amazing drum.

    If you are looking for our Isolation Special for families please click here:  https://tribalspiritmusic.com/product/kids-hand-drum-kits/

    12″, 14″ and 16″ Hand Drum Kits

    Our kits include an amazing instruction manual, a rawhide circle (large enough to wrap all the way over to the back of the drum) with holes punched, lacing long enough to pull the drum and weave a handle, one of our steamed white ash hoops, and a drum stick kit…which includes a moose leather head (to be sewn with the included glover needle and sinew), sheep’s wool, maple stick and sinew/needle to tie it on. We are very used to dealing with small or huge orders.

  • Hand Drum Bag Kit

    35$ US66$ US
    Introducing the Tribal Spirit Moose leather Drum Bag Kit.  For workshops or as a ‘do it yourself’ project.  Everything included (with detailed instructions) to make you own moose leather drum bag.
    Our new Drum Bag Kits are design as a workshop.  We have included very clear instructions, sinew, glovers needle, small piece of thick moose to make a thimble and all the leather cut to size and appropriate shape.  We have also included instructions so that people can personalize their bags with either fringe or left as a ‘live edge’.
  • Rattle Kits (Moose or Deer)

    23$ US35$ US

    Rattle Kits!! Brand New by Tribal Spirit.  Everything is included, so that a great time is had by all. We are offering a Deer or Moose Rattle Kit. Each kit comes with a carefully selected piece of rawhide (shape traced out to be cut), glovers needles, sinew, maple wood handle and wool to stuff and shape the rattle.

    (Finished rattle not included – lol)

  • Hand Drum Hoops

    19$ US35$ US

    White Ash Hand Drum Hoops.  Our drums are VERY unusual in that we make our own hoops.  These days most (virtually ALL) drum makers are using plywood maple frames made overseas or mitred multi pieced wood frames that are 8 to 12 sided.  My understanding is that a hand drum made 500+ years ago would have looked very much like ours (ok maybe not dyed. lol) but someone would have gone out, cut down a tree, split it and then bent it to approximately round.  We order white ask lumber in large dimension, and then cut it into lats of different sizes (for different hoops) and steam and bend by hand.  We glue the connection with a water proof glue and then sand/router all edges. Our hoops are 98% round.  Ash is a very strong wood so our hoops will not move or bend over time no matter what kind of hide is pulled over them.