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Traditional Medicines

Joywind and Robert have been on the ’trail’ in one form or other for about 25 years.  We cherish our traditional medicines.  We believe in gathering, harvesting, preserving and sharing.  We have chosen to eat almost 100% organic or wild foods.  We share these traditional medicines carefully.  Medicines are very important to the people and aren’t always accessible in the moments when we need them.  In fact ailments generally don’t happen when we are prepared to cure them….Also more of the Indigenous community live in urban environments and aren’t always able to gather all the medicines themselves.  But that doesn’t mean they are not allowed to have them….Harvested with respect and honour…the medicines belong to all the people and one of the things we do is share them.  Tribal Spirit carefully source or trade with people who have the heart and care to carry the medicines and we honour the effort and work it requires to maintain the traditional medicines.

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  • Bear Grease Cream – Goldenseal & Face Cream

    20$ Canadian

    Bear Grease – Goldenseal

    Goldenseal power has been in our families ‘medicine chest’ for years.  As workers/crafters/drum makers when we cut ourselves, we reach for the goldenseal…..24 hours later all is good.  Goldenseal is a natural antibiotic and  will heal an infection like nothing else I have used..  This mixture is designed to be used for any cut or scrape.  Put a small amount on the wound and then cover with a bandage…I find you can leave the bandage on for a couple days….the cut is gone!!! Ingredients include pure bear grease, almond oil, goldenseal and shea butter.  Store in the fridge long term.
    Bear Grease – Face Cream
    I am sure that some of your are going squirm at the thought of putting bear grease on your face….but seriously this is the BEST cream ever.  Joywind is an avid fan of high quality facial cream and developed this recipe to rival the most fancy/expensive organic face cream on the market.  Ingredients include: pure bear grease, sweet almond oil, bees wax, shea butter, vitamin E, essential oils: Helichrysum and Geranium.  All ingredients are organic.
  • White Sage

    10$ Canadian60$ Canadian

    Available as stick, 1/2 or full pound.  White or Buffalo sage is used in ceremony to purify or clean.  Most gatherings, ceremonies or sweats will begin with a smudging and mostly involving sage.  There are many different kinds of sage used in the community and our favourite is this White sage.  A small leaf will light very easily, blow out the flame, and will continue to smoke until it burns out.  Check out our fans or smudge kits as people will often use a fan to waft the smoke.  Available in loose leaf or as a tied sage stick.

  • Copal

    12$ Canadian20$ Canadian

    Copal is a tree resin from the Protium Copal Tree.  Copal is used in ceremonies, it is burned as a medicine for cleansing energies, the home, crystals and oneself. The medicine of copal helps oneself to relase/relax and open the mind and body.  This copal came to us in form of a trade.

  • Caribou Antler Dreamcatcher

    275$ Canadian325$ Canadian

    Introducing our custom one-of-a-kind Caribou Antler Dreamcatchers.  Everyone on the Powwow Trail knows that Joywind makes the most beautiful Dreamcatchers.  But throw some Caribou Antlers into the mix and magic happens.  These are Caribou shed antlers from northern Quebec.  Feathers are a combination of Snow Goose and Wild Turkey.  Beads are glass and semi-precious stone.

  • Bear grease

    20$ Canadian45$ Canadian

    Bear Grease is a traditional native american medicine. Black Bears have an unusual amount of fat on their bodies because they spend summers building up energy for hibernation. Over the winter Bears survive on this energy through their fat build up. Our Bear Grease is 100% pure Bear Grease.  It contains no preservatives or any other additives and must be stored in a fridge or freezer.  Jars are 125 ml. (4.2 liquid oz) or 314ml (10.6 US fluid oz)   

  • Medicine Pouches

    20$ Canadian
    Our new Moose Leather Medicine Pouches are all one of a kind measuring 2” x 3” approx. Which we fill with the traditional medicines of the four directions; Sage, Sweetgrass, Cedar and Tobacco.  They can be worn around the neck or ties to a belt loop.