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    Cork Moose ‘seconds’ Special

    30$ US211$ US

    Cork / Brown Moose leather ‘seconds’ special:  $5 per sq ft.  normally $7.50 per foot.  Our pile of cork moose is filled with hides that aren’t perfect.  Not #1.  For us that means the skin side isn’t perfect.  It might have a big scar on it or there might be a hole right in the middle  BUT the suede side is still 95% perfect and there is still tons of great leather to work with.  So lets make a deal…help us lower our moose leather pile with a huge discount!

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    ROYAL BLUE Deer & Moose Leather (25% OFF SPECIAL)

    34$ US286$ US
    Vibrant, glorious BLUE!!!

    Available in several sizes and a bundle will include 5 or 6 pieces adding up to 50 sq ft OR a mix bundle of deer and moose 25 sq ft of each.

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    Scrap Leather Bags

    8$ US

    By popular demand we are adding our Deer and Moose Leather Scraps to our web site.  Famous across the Powwow trail (lol) when we set up people charge our booth looking for our scrap bags…and we sell out quickly….but off season what do we do with all of our scraps?…..well here they are.  This is a well stuffed bag filled with a mixture of deer and moose leather of random colours that we are working with.  We can not fulfill any specific colour requests.

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    8$ US12$ US

    Sweetgrass is one of the most important Traditional Medicines.  We are very picky about where we get our sweetgrass.  Some growths of sweetgrass are in crisis because of over picking or harvesting by pulling out the root.  We are working with a family who harvest sweetgrass, with ceremony and pluck the grass without pulling the root.

    We currently have small (20″), medium (24″) and long (28″) length braids.  (Price is per Braid)


  • Travel Smudge Kit Special

    34$ US

    Back in the fall we offered a special on a travel smudge kit that included a medium sized abalone shell.  They sold out VERY quickly….This past week we scooped up a few more of these amazing shells….so the sale can carry on….(but this is the last fo these shells).  These are very thick walled shells, they are quite deep and 4 1/2″ to 5″.  Great colour….best deal on shells we have seen in a while.

    Our “Special” smudge kit includes….an abalone shell, a linen bag of sage a leather wrapped fan all packed in a travel linen bag with a string tie.

    **  Feather fans can only be shipped within Canada.  For our USA customers we are now offering just our most amazing Abalone Shells and Extra Sage (NO feather fan). 

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    Cedarwood Moose Split Special

    34$ US169$ US

    Cedarwood Split the most wonderful colour of the year….it’s the perfect brown…rich, creamy, tasty brown….would work perfectly in a fondue.  hehe.   3 ounce and suede both sides, this leather is going to make some serious traditional moccasins.   Available in 25 sq ft bundles and 50 sq ft bundles.  Each bundle will be made up of several pieces add up to 25 or 50 sq ft.

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    Moose Rawhide

    51$ US

    We have an abundance of Moose Rawhide quarters that are not big enough for drums and thought we would share with a special price.  Each piece is a quarter moose hide, the sizes run about 6 to 8 sq ft.  We are offering it in two different thicknesses.  Rattle making thickness is thinner, more pliable and easily sewn when soaked with a # 5 or #3 glover needle (in stock in our needle section).  A moose rattle makes the BEST sweat lodge rattle and also great for kid’s rattles as kids can’t chew them. The heavier-thicker pieces are great for powwow drum lacing, snowshoe lacing and other heavy crafting ties.  These pieces are NOT guaranteed to be large enough for drums.  You might get a 12″ drum out of it.  These are on a serious sale cuz we are not able to make any large drums out of them.  Sorry we can not ship to the USA, please don’t order we will have to refund.

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    Blue Acid Wash Moose Split Leather

    69$ US117$ US

    Tribal Spirit “Acid Wash” Moose Split Leather 30% off:  Now for those of you who know us or have been following us for a while…we love the freaky and unusual….we love to stretch the limits of ‘normal’…..and….we are always looking to blow your minds….Well I hope this does it!!

    Our Acid Wash Moose leather project leather started out as an accident….our tannery was working on some white moose leather (quite a large pile of it) and the white came out crap…so there we were with a huge pile of crap white moose sniff sniff…what to do??…… piece of leather ‘fell’ into a batch of blue dye….and then also ‘fell’ into the shaver which planed off some of the blue exposing the white underneath and acid wash blue was born….

    This leather is a fashion designers creative spark….an artists “autumn maple forest”….a photographers quadruple rainbow with a pot of gold at the end….a poets muse…….  Every piece is unique, crazy and full of possibilities.  Anything made with this leather is going to stop traffic.  Imagine a blue acid wash shirt? (omg I need one) A drum bag, pipe bag, a vest, a skirt!!!  I leave it to you to dream it up…..

    Each piece is 100% unique, 3 ounce, ultra soft, easy to sew and suede both sides.  There are some holes but but nothing crazy…plan to creatively work around them.

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    White Moose Leather Bags with Bear Fur Trim

    53$ US108$ US

    Pearl white moose leather 3 1/2 ounce trimmed with black bear fur.  We just love this colour combination of the white leather and black fur….Joywind sewed in a couple of strands of twirled black lacing for fun.  Available in several sizes these bags totally stand out in a crowd and the bear fur is so soft!!  We only had a small amount of the pearl white moose leather so this kinda a one of a kind offer.

    Sorry we can not ship these bags out of Canada because of the Bear fur.

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    Deer Rawhide Scraps

    13$ US

    We make great drum kits which are VERY popular….and therefor create a TON of deer rawhide scraps. Perfect for car mirror mini drums, parfleche, rattles etc. We will include a baker’s dozen of scraps into a flattened box and ship it off to you!! Have Fun!!