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    Moose Leather – Mix Bundles 20% off

    298$ US596$ US

    This year we have 14 different colours of moose leather.  I know crazy exciting….So we thought we would introduce the range of colours with a 20% off sale.  (limited time only).  We are offering Mixed Natural Tones: Cedarwood, Expresso, Gold, Light Cream, Medium Cream, Black and Cork OR Mixed Colours: Grey, Fuchsia, Turquoise, Pink, Royal Blue, Purple and Red OR all 14 colours.  This leather is #1 grade A quality leather….the grain (or rather the smooth side) is very even with very few blemishes. Pieces will average 7 sq ft.



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    Black Deer & Moose Leather (25% OFF SPECIAL)

    34$ US286$ US
    This week we received a new batch of Black Moose back from the tannery.  SO we have a very wide selection of Black Deer, Moose 3.5 AND 5.5.  (if you want 5.5 please mention this in the order notes while checking out). The black has a touch of shine to it, while the deer is a bit more matte finish.

    Available in several sizes OR a bundle which will include 3 or 4 pieces for 25 sq ft OR 5 or 6 pieces adding up to 50 sq ft OR a mix bundle of deer and moose 25 sq ft of each.

  • Rawhide Scraps Bear & Deer

    13$ US21$ US

    You know that expression “one man’s garbage is another’s gold mine”….well this week we are offering our scraps at a discount!!   We are doing a little summer cleaning and realize that we have tons of bear, buffalo, moose and deer rawhide scraps that we have been hoarding.  “Let it go Rob…”  These scraps are perfect for rattles, earrings, little mini drums etc.  Perfect for small crafting projects.  But to be clear they are NOT suitable for drums of any size.  IF they were big enough I would have turned them into drums.  SO we are selecting through the hides and picking out pieces that are appropriate for softball sizes rattles.  Each bundle will contain a dozen or so pieces of rawhide.

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    Black Bear Drums

    63$ US
    Bear Drums 25% off!!   We have been gathering a bunch of hides suitable for 8″ drums.  An 8″ bear drum does not a deep base tone, it tends to offer a tighter sound.  But very clear and pure and is a very important medicine tool for anyone’s bundle.  The pattern on the skin is always unique, different than any other hide I have ever worked with.  These bear are legally harvested for food as part of the Quebec spring and fall bear hunt.  We only have a limited number of these drum.
  • Cream Bison Bags the Joywind Collection

    76$ US211$ US

    Each of these bags are unique, one of a kind works of art.  Made with a 3.5 cream bison leather and available in several sizes with either fringe or moose antler button.

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    Deer Leather – Mixed Bundles 20% OFF

    426$ US1,082$ US

    Deer Leather: Mixed bundles

    Tribal Spirit now has 16 different colours of deer leather.  I know crazy exciting….So we thought we would introduce the range of colours with a 20% off sale.  (limited time only). You have some choices….you can get all Natural Tones White, Gold, Sage Cream, Cedarwood, Brown, Expresso & Black (7 hides totalling 70 sq ft) OR Mixed Colours Black, Red, Pink, Orange, Grey, Turquoise, Blue, Purple, Green & Fuchsia (10 hides totalling 100 sq ft)  OR every single colour we offer (16 hides totalling 160 sq ft)  If in the mixed bundles you want to change around the selection (for example you want 2 of one colour but want to skip one) please write this in the “Order Notes”.

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    “And Now For Something Special” Joywind’s Moose Bags 20% off

    61$ US145$ US

    Joywind recently sat down and finished up a bunch of unique bags she has been gathering over the past few months.  There are some wonderful unique options here ready to ship and on sale!!  Enjoy.  All of the 12″ and 14″ Bags could be either Drum Bags or Bag/Bags….lol

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    Gold Deer Leather ‘seconds’ special

    30$ US211$ US

    Gold deer ‘seconds’ special:  $5 per sq ft.  normally $7.50 per foot.  Every once in a while our pile of gold deer leather gets a bit too tall, threatening to fall over hehe… filled with hides that aren’t perfect.  Not #1.  For us that means the skin side isn’t perfect.  It might have a big scar on it or there might be a hole right in the middle  BUT the suede side is still 95% perfect and there is still tons of great leather to work with.  So lets make a deal…help us lower our deer leather pile with a huge discount. win/win!!  hehe….

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    Tribal Rawhide Dog Chews

    6$ US8$ US

    This product comes strongly recommended by every dog in the neighbourhood!! We have been making drums for over 20 years and very quickly started taking the scraps rolling them up, letting them dry and giving them to our dogs. There are no preservatives, colouring, flavour added….just pure Rawhide.  Dogs visiting our house rush in the door past our legs to grab a dog chew from the basket… one of our dogs suggested during a family business meeting that we add them to our web site.  Who were we to say no…so nice of her to share with the Tribal Dogs out there….

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    Scrap Leather Bags

    8$ US

    By popular demand we are adding our Deer and Moose Leather Scraps to our web site.  Famous across the Powwow trail (lol) when we set up people charge our booth looking for our scrap bags…and we sell out quickly….but off season what do we do with all of our scraps?…..well here they are.  This is a well stuffed bag filled with a mixture of deer and moose leather of random colours that we are working with.  We can not fulfill any specific colour requests.

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    Western Red Cedar Loose Leaves

    10$ US41$ US

    Western Red Cedar Loose Leaves

    Cuz we gotcha covered….we have been reaching out for this connection for a long time.  We have started working with a young Indigenous woman who is harvesting and drying this Red Cedar leaves from the Great Bear Rain Forest in a good way and sacred way.  Cedar is generally used in smudging ceremonies for purification or cleansing.  It is one of the 4 primary medicines (Tobacco, Sweetgrass, Sage, Cedar).   Coming from very old growth trees cedar is understood to carry the teachings of the ancestors.  Packaged neatly in a linen bag with drawstrings as closure.

  • Travel Medicine Bag Special

    63$ US

    To celebrate everyone’s return the Road Trip we are offering a Travel Medicine Bag Special. Featuring Tribal Spirit’s massive collection of colours and some of Joywind’s favourite colour combinations OR you can come up with your own mix and match.  (if you want a custom colour mix please indicate your colour preference in the Order Notes while checking out). The moose leather bags are 5″ wide & 6″ high, curved in a saddle bag style available in a bunch of colours.  Each Bag includes an abalone shell, bag of white sage and a small feather fan.

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    Blue Acid Wash Moose Split Leather

    69$ US117$ US

    Tribal Spirit “Acid Wash” Moose Split Leather 30% off:  Now for those of you who know us or have been following us for a while…we love the freaky and unusual….we love to stretch the limits of ‘normal’…..and….we are always looking to blow your minds….Well I hope this does it!!

    Our Acid Wash Moose leather project leather started out as an accident….our tannery was working on some white moose leather (quite a large pile of it) and the white came out crap…so there we were with a huge pile of crap white moose sniff sniff…what to do??…… piece of leather ‘fell’ into a batch of blue dye….and then also ‘fell’ into the shaver which planed off some of the blue exposing the white underneath and acid wash blue was born….

    This leather is a fashion designers creative spark….an artists “autumn maple forest”….a photographers quadruple rainbow with a pot of gold at the end….a poets muse…….  Every piece is unique, crazy and full of possibilities.  Anything made with this leather is going to stop traffic.  Imagine a blue acid wash shirt? (omg I need one) A drum bag, pipe bag, a vest, a skirt!!!  I leave it to you to dream it up…..

    Each piece is 100% unique, 3 ounce, ultra soft, easy to sew and suede both sides.  There are some holes but but nothing crazy…plan to creatively work around them.