Virtual Powwow Specials !!

In our experience… when times get tough…Natives get CRAFTING.

The Indigenous community is used to being self sufficient.  We are used to economically challenging times and we have the skill to create and survive.  Crafting is in our collective memory and we know how to reach back for those teaching and make a pair of moccasins, mitts etc to sell in order to feed our families. Tribal Spirit is reducing prices on lots of raw materials (leather, rawhide, drum kits etc) in order to help each other feed our families.  While other larger companies have been forced to shut down, we are an Indigenous Family business and we (Joywind and Rob) are making, packing, labeling and shipping every day.  The Post and Fedex are deemed essential services, and we believe that for the Native community……what we do….is also an essential service.

COVID-19 Update

Our small family-run business is still up and running and working from home as we usually do.  We are extremely well stocked and shipping daily all over Turtle Island!

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  • Sale!

    Orange & Gold Deer Leather (30% OFF SPECIAL)

    44$ US55$ US

    We thought this week we would go with Orange and Gold deer leather…cuz they sit RIGHT beside each other in the leather room…..hehe…actually….it was raining so hard I couldn’t go outside for a decent picture….And the other good reason to pick these two colours for the sale, is that gold/tan is the most popular leather colour AND orange is going to cover Canada next week for Truth and Reconciliation Day….so lets get our favourite leathers on….sale!!  Shop Native Tax Exempt right on our web site with a Native Status card.

    Each year during the fall hunting season we gather hides from families who are feeding their families, but they don’t need the hides.  We run around and gather them and then tan them at our tannery.  We worked very very hard this year to improve every stage of gathering and shipping so that we will get the best possible leather….you would not imagine all the various ways to mess up a perfectly good hide….

  • Gold Moose Leather ‘seconds’ Special

    109$ US218$ US

    This week we have been cleaning up our leather room and realized that we have an abundance of gold/tan Moose which is not what we consider ##1…BUT there is a ton of great leather both smooth side or suede side.  SO time for a special….  We are offering bundles of 25 sq ft for $125  (3 to 4 hides) and 50 sq ft $250 (average  6 to 8 hides).

  • ‘and now for something special’ Unique Leather Edition

    59$ US274$ US

    “And now for something special’ Fuchsia Moose Leather Unique Leather Edition.   As time goes on we tend to gather some amazing pieces of leather that we don’t put on our web site cuz we on’y have 1 piece.  They are unique one of a kind pieces of leather that pre covid we would have taken to a Powwow and they would have been snatched up instantly.  So we have decided to add them to our “and now for something special” category….have fun!!

  • Sale!

    Scrap Leather Bags

    9$ US

    By popular demand we are adding our Deer and Moose Leather Scraps to our web site.  Famous across the Powwow trail (lol) when we set up people charge our booth looking for our scrap bags…and we sell out quickly….but off season what do we do with all of our scraps?…..well here they are.  This is a well stuffed bag filled with a mixture of deer and moose leather of random colours that we are working with.  We can not fulfill any specific colour requests.

  • Moose Leather – Mix Colour Bundles – ‘Seconds’

    213$ US299$ US

    This year we have 7 different colours of moose leather.  People have been asking for some mixtures so we decided to bundle up colours that work together and offer a little deal.  We have a Cream, Black, Gold, Royal Blue, Cedarwood, Turquoise and Cork.

    When creating moose leather there are always hides that have the membrane/skin scuffed up from the wild life the moose lived.  We put those pieces aside as ‘seconds’. The suede side is 98% perfect but smooth side not so much. But if you please to use suede side out this is a great way to save some $$. Pieces will average 6 sq ft. if you need larger sizes please go to the colour you want (scroll down on main moose leather page) and you can select different sizes.

  • Sale!

    Moose Rawhide

    52$ US

    We have an abundance of Moose Rawhide quarters that are not big enough for drums and thought we would share with a special price.  Each piece is a quarter moose hide, the sizes run about 6 to 8 sq ft.  We are offering it in two different thicknesses.  Rattle making thickness is thinner, more pliable and easily sewn when soaked with a # 5 or #3 glover needle (in stock in our needle section).  A moose rattle makes the BEST sweat lodge rattle and also great for kid’s rattles as kids can’t chew them. The heavier-thicker pieces are great for powwow drum lacing, snowshoe lacing and other heavy crafting ties.  These pieces are NOT guaranteed to be large enough for drums.  You might get a 12″ drum out of it.  These are on a serious sale cuz we are not able to make any large drums out of them.

  • Sale!

    Kids Hand Drum Kits

    38$ US59$ US

    8″ and 11″ Kids Drum Kits
    We recommend 8″ kits ages 0-5 and our 11″ kits for ages 5-12

    Like our adult drums, each kit includes a hand steamed white ash hoop, a deer hide with holes punched, large enough to wrap all the way over to the back of the frame. Lacing long enough to tie up the drum and weave a handle, a drum stick kit AND instructions to help anyone, even a complete beginner pull an amazing drum.

    This Special is for families surviving isolation, please don’t purchase more than 4 kits (you can get 4 of each) If you need more, please purchase at

  • Sale!

    Hand Drum Bag Kit Isolation Special!!

    31$ US78$ US
    Isolation Special:20% off all Tribal Spirit Moose leather Drum Bag Kit.  For workshops or as a ‘do it yourself’ project.  Everything included (with detailed instructions) to make you own moose leather drum bag.
    Our new Drum Bag Kits are design as a workshop.  We have included very clear instructions (video also available) sinew, glovers needle, small pice of thick moose to make a thimble and all the leather cut to size and appropriate shape.  We have also included instructions so that people can personalize their bags with either fringe or left ‘live edge’. This sale is intended for family entrepreneurs, if you are placing large orders for schools etc please go to this link to buy your leather…save the discounts for those in need.
  • Sale!

    Rattle Kits (Moose or Deer) Isolation Special

    21$ US31$ US

    Family Isolation Special on Rattle Kits!! 20% OFF.  As part of our collection of slashed price items to ease the pain of Family Isolation we are offering our Rattle kits on sale. Everything is included, so that a great time is had by all. We are offering a Deer or Moose Rattle Kit. Each kit comes with a carefully selected piece of rawhide (shape traced out to be cut), glovers needles, sinew, maple wood handle and wool to stuff and shape the rattle. This special is intended to support families in isolation so lease limit your order for 4 each only…..IF you need more please order them from this link:

    (Finished rattle not included – lol)

  • Deer Leather Natural Tones ‘Seconds’ Mixed Bundles

    305$ US427$ US

    Deer Leather in Natural Tones: ‘Seconds’

    This year we have a bunch of new shades of leather we could call ‘natural’ tones. We have a medium gold, cedarwood, brown, light gold, sage cream and light cream.  In the tanning business, getting perfect smooth side in colours is very tricky.  Wild hides often have scar marks, or blemishes on the smooth side of the leather, we call these ‘seconds’. The suede side is always 98% perfect.  So if you are planning on using the suede side out in your project and would like to save some $$, we strongly recommend our Deer ‘Seconds”.  Pieces average 10 sq ft.


  • Deer Leather Colours ‘Seconds’ Mixed Bundles

    305$ US488$ US

    New for this year we are now offering all kinds of coloured deer leather.  In the tanning business, getting perfect smooth side in colours is very tricky.  Wild hides often have starch marks, or blemishes on the smooth side of the leather, we call these ‘seconds’. The suede side is always 98% perfect.  So if you are planning on using the suede side out in your project and would like to save some $$, we strongly recommend our Deer ‘Seconds”.  The colour on the suede side is perfect often better than the smooth side.  I mean the red suede side is EXTREMELY red….the same goes for all the colours. If you want individual pieces in “seconds” go to the colour you need and choose from options.

  • Sale!

    Deer Rawhide Scraps

    9$ US

    We make great drum kits which are VERY popular….and therefor create a TON of deer rawhide scraps. Perfect for car mirror mini drums, parfleche, rattles etc. We will include a baker’s dozen of scraps into a flattened box and ship it off to you!! Have Fun!!

  • Sale!

    Moose Leather Wild Edge Vest

    418$ US
    We are happy to introduce our Moose Rough Edge Leather Vest.  Made with Moose 3 1/2 soft leather, wonderfully hand stitched and is designed to be reversible, so that your vest can be worn smooth side or suede side out.  We used as much of the ‘rough’ or ‘live edge’ as possible giving the vest a creative natural feel.  Small pockets on both sides give the vest character and a little special touch!!  They fasten with a leather tie wrapped around a moose antler button.  These vest are one of a kind and will only appear once in a blue moon.  They are works of art and are created for the love of the craft….
    Black & Brown Vests fit large/extra-large  Cream Vest fits extra-large/ xx-large