Robert and Joywind

We (Robert and Joywind) have way too many ways to contact us. We have three web sites. Our first site we built 8 years ago. We were young back then and you can visit lots of writing about our work. (we plan to update it and make it a bit more blog style this coming winter) Our second site we aimed directly at our specialty, which is drums. Here again there is lots of info. So if you would like to read up on everything tribal spirit drums go check it out….and then, now you have found our new e- commerce site….gettin’ fancy




More Info

Every product on this new site includes product which we have in stock…….BUT, If you want to order a custom powwow drum, hand drum, drum sticks, drum bag etc…please free to contact us at

If you really are looking for the personal touch, feel free to track us down on

Address: You must phone and make an appointment if you wish to visit us
Tribal Spirit Music
198, chemin Lac la Grise
Ivry sur le Lac, QC J8C 2Z8 CA
Phone: 819-429-7641

We live in Canada and ship all over North America.


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