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We (Robert and Joywind) have way too many ways to contact us. We have three web sites. Our first site we built 8 years ago. We were young back then and you can visit lots of writing about our work. (we plan to update it and make it a bit more blog style this coming winter) Our second site we aimed directly at our specialty, which is drums. Here again there is lots of info. So if you would like to read up on everything tribal spirit drums go check it out….and then, now you have found our new e- commerce site….gettin’ fancy



Shipping Address

Tribal Spirit Inc.
167 RTE 117
Ivry-sur-le-Lac, QC J8C 2Z8 CANADA

We live in Canada and ship all over the world.

(Our products are available on-line only, we do not have a storefront.) 

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Return Label Info:

Please contact us at for returns.  And then follow this link to generate a Canada Post return label for your package.

Canada Post Return Label



Canadian Status cards

info: There is lots of controversy and rumour around taxation rights for Status Natives in Canada. The general “rule” seems to be that purchased items must be delivered on Rez, but then seems to depend upon each province.  We disagree with that policy and wonder why the government wants to keep Indigenous people “on the rez”.  This appears to be a hold over of the regulation demanding that any Native person must have a permit to leave the reservation.  I expect that eventually the supreme court will find the taxation rule unconstitutional, but in the mean time we at Tribal Spirit have decided that it is not our responsibility to collect taxes from Canadian Status Indigenous People no matter where they live.  So as part of the ‘check-out’ process you will see a section to fill in your complete status card number and you will not be charged taxes.  We hope that this makes your shopping experience less discriminatory….lol Joywind and Rob

PS: this only applies to Canadian customers, we ship from Canada and are not expected to collect taxes for any American governments and USA has a very high purchase value before any duty would ever be charged.