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Cork Moose Leather 5.5 oz – Half Hides

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Cork Moose 5.5 Ounce.  Perfect for Mukluks, Moccs (only experts work with 5.5 ounce), Drum Bags etc.  Cork is a VERY popular colour that unfortunately we don’t get too often.  The tannery who makes our cork is so busy with other hides of our that cork always gets the back burner.  But about 6 months ago I mentioned that Joywind needed Cork 5.5 for her Drum Bags….and just this week it arrive on a truck!! Enjoy while you can…


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Product Description

As you all know, we gather hides from local hunters and then we process them into leather.  Where we live (in Quebec) most moose are harvested way out in the bush and hunters have to quarter them to carry them out of the bush.  Otherwise they would simply be too heavy.  SO most of the hides we get are also quarter moose.  BUT we do have a few hides every year that are halves….cut down the spine.  Now some people love to buy full whole moose.  But it is quite emotional and challenging to take a pairs of scissors to a whole moose…cuz it’s jsut so perfect you don’t want to cut it up…..but half hides…OMG wonderful to work with…lots of leather…also not as expensive as a full moose…and the nicest leather you could imagine.  Enjoy!!


Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 10 × 10 in
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14 square Feet, 15 square Feet, 16 square Feet, 18 square Feet, 19 square Feet, 20 square Feet, 21 square Feet, 24 square Feet

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