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  • Sweetgrass

    9$ US14$ US

    Sweetgrass is one of the most important Traditional Medicines.  We are very picky about where we get our sweetgrass.  Some growths of sweetgrass are in crisis because of over picking or harvesting by pulling out the root.  We are working with a family who harvest sweetgrass, with ceremony and pluck the grass without pulling the root.

    This Sweetgrass is the very first harvest of this year.  As is the medicine at this time of year a traditional braid is made of 21 strands of fresh your sweetgrass representing the traditional beliefs.  These young braids are shorter (and less expensive) measuring about 14″.  These are rarely seen these days because the braiding of them is quite tricky.  We also have freshly harvested medium length braids of around 24″.

    Here is the story shared by our friend.

    Sweetgrass – a kindness medicine… has a sweet gentle aroma when we light it… 21 strands to make a braid… the first 7 strands represent those 7 generations behind us… our parents, grandparents… 7 generations behind us.. who we are and what we are is because of them… the next seven represent the 7 sacred teachings… love, respect, honesty, courage, wisdom, truth, and humility… the old people tell us how simple, powerful and beautiful the teachings are… love- a very simple teaching… respect- a powerful teaching… humility- a beautiful teaching… when we truly understand the teaching of humility… that I am not any better then anyone else and the last 7 strands… those 7 generation in front of us… our children, grandchildren… those children yet to be born… why are they important… everything we do to Mother Earth will one day affect them.

  • Medicine Bags Kits “DIY”

    74$ US
    Our pre-made kit includes a Moose Bag that we make, and a farmed abalone shell, sage and a small feather fan.  So, our new 8″ Smudge Bag Kit consists of a front and back piece of leather (to be hand sewn together to create the bag), a moose leather strap (to be sewn into the side of the bag), Sinew, glovers needles AND very careful clear instructions on how to assemble your bag.
    The kit also include a fan (that we make for you) and farmed abalone shell and a linen bag of Californian Buffalo/White Sage.  Making the bag is an easy project that will make a great afternoon for the family or workshop.
  • Smudge Kits

    17$ US65$ US
    **  Fans can only be shipped within Canada. 
    In the Native American tradition every ceremony begins with smudging.  Smudging is the burning of sacred herbs such as sweetgrass, white sage, cedar etc, with the intention of purification of body and mind.
    Our Smudge Kits include:
    1 farmed Abalone shell, 1 bag of White Sage and 1 Fan (Leather wrapped, or wood)
    Each kit will include a text on smudging.